Can't add ringtones on openhab app

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Expected behavior

Users should be able to add more ringtones to Openhub app.

Actual behavior

I launched the app then tried adding more ringtones by clicking on the "more ringtones" tab then i selected a music but it wasn't selected.

How to reproduce

  • launch the Openhab app.
  • select settings and click on ringtones
  • click on any music or tone of your choice as many times as possible
  • click ok
  • There's is the bug because ur selection ain't selected
  • version: 2.1.0
  • Browser: chrome
  • Android version: 5.1
    Infinix- X551

Recording Of The Bug


Unfortunately, this contribution cannot be accepted as it does not comply to the Utopian rules.

The application works as is intended, the "more ringtones" button is meant to allow you access ringtones in your file manager other than the default system tones, it does not add them to a list, it just selects for ringing purposes and this selection supersedes the previous selection of a pre defined system tone.

Also note, that this particular feature is accessed from a system dialog, most system dialogs are completely independent of an app. You could still select a ringtone using a different media app, if you have any installed.

And as stated in this closed issue -

the PO has no intention of re implementing the action of the RingtonePreference, he believes any file manager can take that place.

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