Device orientation tab not functional on comfort reader app

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Expected behavior

The device orientations are supposed to be effected (fixed I.e portrait alway should fix the screen to be portrait even if the screen is on auto rotate) when selected

Actual behavior

Options under the device oriention tab (portrait & landscape always ) are not functioning

How to reproduce

  • set screen to auto rotate
  • Download comfort reader from playstore
  • launch the app
  • click on settings icon
  • click on device orientation
  • click on portrait always
  • rotate the mobile device screen to landscape mode
  • the screen then rotates to landscape mode
  • later select landscape always
  • then rotate the screen to portrait mode
  • the screen rotates
  • Therefore the device orientation tab ain't functional.
  • version:1.9.4
  • Browser: chrome
  • Operating system: 5.1
    Infinix- X551

Recording of the Bug


Hello @ishot, I tried the behavior you described in your contribution on Android 5.1 and 6.0 but seems to be working as expected, When i switch my device to Auto-rotate and i set the app device orientation to landscape always and i go back to the home screen, the display was static on landscape which made the function to be active, and i tried Portrait always, it also worked perfectly, the feature only works in home screen of the application....Sorry i will have to decline this contribution.....Thank you for using Utopian

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Need help? Write a ticket on
Chat with us on Discord.


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