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Doodle app an open source app which helps keep users add drawings with artistic colors .I suggest the addition of the "text , file saving location" features


I propose to the addition of "text "feature which would be located below where the change color tab are located also I propose to the addition of " file saving path" feature which would be located above

Mockups / Examples

for the Text feature

The current view looks like this

The suggestion for the 'text feature" would be effected here

while the suggestion for the file saving location would be effected here

Which would lead to this interface


  • The text feature would make the app cutting edge by allowing users apply text on pictures or on their draws
  • The file saving location would give users the chances to either save to newly create folder or to the regular location to enable easy location of file anytime.
  • This features will make this app more useful to the younger generation and a cutting edge app usage.

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Thank you for the contribution It has been approved.

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Hello @ishotz, your contribution cannot be approved.

Your contribution is termed generic, that is features present in similar apps and that is usually extended to others which is not accepted.

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Your contribution cannot be approved.

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