"How to Add Contribution to Utopian Platform" : A Video Tutorial

in #utopian-io4 years ago

Hi everyone.

I am making this video tutorial as a guide to users on how to contribute to the Utopian platform. The goal of the tutorial is to help aid our fellow Steemians who are struggling to contribute to the platform.

I hope this video tutorial helps you. The reason I made this video is to answer those friends who kept asking on how to contribute to the platform. Hope this is able to answer their queries.

I have to apologize if there (if there) are grammar lapses. I didn't incorporated sound, but instead made a notepad as a text instruction of everything.

This will be helpful to the new contributors who are struggling to contribute.


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  • Nice video tutorial! I am always lazy to read!
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Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.


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