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RE: [New R Package] sinx: R fortunes in Chinese

in #utopian-io3 years ago

Thank you @dapeng for your contribution. It is nice to see you are back to steemit, at least for @utopian-io.

The fortune is actually a well-known Linux tool, as you said, and I've developed an online fortune tool that also provides an API. It is interesting to know that there are actually fortune databases which you can choose, e.g. print random Chinese poems.

At the first glance, I thought this would be related to mathematics.. especially you have cosx, tanx... The naming may be confusing for most people.

You also have some commented-out code, which in general is better to be removed to keep your code clean.

You may also want to put the English description in your

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Thank you for your comments! An English readme will come soon. The fortune API is so interesting that I cannot help importing it into sinx next time!

Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

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