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RE: Rock-Scissors-Paper Game

in #utopian-io4 years ago

Thank you for your contribution. The idea is great but the code could be much improved especially there are quite alot of code smells:

  1. hard code the rocksciss in here
  2. still using document.getElementById nowadays.
  3. inconsistent code formatting/indent.

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Hey @justyy
Here's a tip for your valuable feedback! @Utopian-io loves and incentivises informative comments.

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@justyy, thank you very much for your review.

What I understand from your comments, I killed a good idea with my amateurish coding ;)

  • Hardcode, yes there is...there are much more pro ways to do this and l will be learning by doing and these kinds of feedbacks are very important on my way.

  • document.getElementById is how I started learning ( l blame freecodecamp for this lol ) and learned the $("#id").append on the way but still using the first one if the text is not too much. Your comment noted. I am coming from Commodore 64 times btw ;)

  • Inconsistent code formatting - another good critic. Noted.


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