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in #utopian-io4 years ago

Some time before joining Steemit, I was about to dig up into machine learning - neural networks to be precise.

However, I lacked the tool to create, train, edit and analyze them easily.

So I decided to start making an own service for it. It is extremely early, and I couldn't touch it for over a month now, but I can see som serious potential in it.

The repo is completely front-end currently, hosted on my Github Pages access.

While it's extremely early, I'm glad to see and accept any suggestions and/or contributions.

It'd be amazing to create a tool that proves useful for beginners and avid users alike!


great and thank for sharing my friend

Thanks for resteeming!

Hello @katamori I moved your contribution under the visibility category in Utopian since this is not exactly a code contribution. Next time you push some enhancements to the code you can write about that using and choose the category Development.

I personally love AI projects and Utopian will soon focus on them. So keep up with the good work.

Holy shit I just noticed the reward amount, that is insane, even for Steem Power, thank you very much for that!

Sorry for mistaking the category, I wasn't exactly sure, which is the ideal for my own repo.

No problem @katamori. I think this particular post fits better the Visibility category. Next time you push some code to Github you can use the Development category ;)

Yeah that's gonna happen. Thanks!

And if you could put some more info about the project in this post that would also make this much more informative! :)

Yeah well, sorry for that too, as I said it's really early so far and I couldn't even touch due to work and stuff.

Maybe at this point, the only interesting features woule be the used libraries, but those aren't super famous either.

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I'm working with ML to improve the Steem experience, you can check it on my blog. Let's keep in touch if you'd like!

Thanks, will try!

Sadly I had very little time to improve its code.

Well yeah it's up to you, maybe if it works well somebody will use it or not, it all depends on that I think.

That'd be the goal but I know it requires a stable product.

Right, well good luck with that! If you need help I'm sure you know about Steem-Dev on Discord?

Not yet, but I'd be glad to join!