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Inkscape is a free and open source vector graphics editor software. With inkspace we can memdesain like logo, create face vector, and others. In terms of features and appearance, Inkscape is almost similar to other editor software such as coreldraw and adobe illustrator. To make Inkscape software better and more interesting, I would like to suggest adding a "Window" menu.


After using Inkscape software to create a logo, I was very impressed because the features provided are very complete and easy to understand. Although classified as open-source, Inkscape software is almost the same as other design software. However, in Inkscape I did not find the Window menu, though the window menu is very useful for displaying features like: Refresh Window, Close WIndow, Toolbar, and others. I hope to add the "WIndow" menu to the Inkscape software.

Below I will show an example icon, and illustrations if a feature is added.

Mockups / Examples

Below, the example of location and display menu "Window"




With the menu "Window" in Inkscape software, Inkscape feature will be more complete. With the "Window" menu, users can do such as: refresh window, close window, reset, view manager, and others. And in the menu window is available Toolbar features that are useful for displaying menu editing components. and the toolbar is also useful to hide or display the desired components.

And with the addition of menu "window", will make Inkscape more complete and perfect. And of course will make Inkscape more interesting and good again.


The addition of the "Window" menu is a very good move, because the window menu is often required by the user. In addition, the window menu is also widely available in other professional software editors. So to compete with other software, need to improve the addition of menus to make Inkscape more interesting again.

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