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RE: The DBooks Project is Switching to EOS

in #utopian-io3 years ago (edited)

Hi. Thanks for the contribution.

Interesting news, and these seem to be good reasons to migrate the project to EOS. However, this type of news about changes in development, are more valued when it is announced about an implemented development, than when a development is announced that is going to be implemented. The repository that you have linked is only the "starting point in the development of the application with REACT (From the repo README)".

Maybe the possibilities offered by EOS make it the properly option the migrate the project, but, as it is a fairly new technology, and still strange and unintelligible to many people, it is good to go deeper into how it solves the DBooks needs, and how the application will work after migration. I, personally, have some doubts, related to the token: Why the new token will be valuable? Why should I buy it? the point is that, with such important news, which modifies the entire structure behind the project, it is good to make everything clear.

I wish many successes for the project and I will following it to learn about how you implement it.

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