KURE Curation Community Network - Update 10 - Comments! View, Write and Post Comments!

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Comments are here! Wo0ot! A huge move forward to getting the Steem front-end done. Not just viewing the comments, but also posting new comments to any post on Steem! Hell ya!

It took a while to figure all out, and I had some head-banging bumps along the way this week, but I finally got it all working :)

Lot's of fixes were done as well during the development.

Any feedback is welcome and appreciated, even criticism ;)

What do you want to see next? What would make you use the site?






  1. What is KURE?
  2. What's new?
    2.1 Added basic display of comments
    2.2 Added comment reply form, and posting comments to Steem
  3. Changes
    3.1 Thumbnail images links to load posts
    3.2 Tags for content in PostDetails
    3.3 Short and long fromNow() date formats
  4. Bug and Other Fixes
    4.1 Fixed not all data updating on a post summary after a vote
    4.2 Fixed previously voted posts losing data on new votes
    4.3 Fixed PostDetails post time showing 'a few seconds ago' for all posts
  5. Pull Request / Latest Commits
  6. Roadmap
  7. Contact

1. What is KURE?

Kindred United to Reward Everyone.

A Community Platform and Curation Network Remedy for Steem

Do you want to find content that other people really value, based on topics that interest you? How?

Upvotes don't do it, because so many upvotes come from autovoting, autobots, or curation trails. You don't know if a vote for content is done by a real person, or some automation. The content isn't being evaluated when it's automated.

Plus, you can upvote so many things, which can be unrelated.

Imagine a curation network where people are interacting through community groups to share and value content, and you can really see what they value globally through various communities that people organize and collaborate together to build.

KURE provides a network hub for people to create their own community groups for evaluating content to curate. It will also develop into communities to create posts within.

Create your own communities and have others join to contribute. Make up your own criteria. Manage who can add curation links to your community group. Anyone else can follow your community and engage.

My goal is to make content easier for everyone to find by all of us sharing the content we like trough communities. Others can find communities they are interested in and see what is being curated within that community to also support it with upvotes, resteems and comments.

Maybe you want to share what you value, and get others to see it or support it, but don't want to resteem it, or want more people to see it. On KURE, the community you create and those who are involved in it will popularize content you value and allow others to see it. Another way of thinking about it, is it's kind of like having a custom community feed, based on a community that engages in creating it, rather than just one person.

KURE empowers the Steem community to coordinate their curation efforts through building community networks of their own.

2. What's new

Video Demonstration

2.1 Added basic display of comments

The first thing I need to do was get comments to show on posts. Sounds easy enough. I got the first level of comments to show with some work. But I ran into some trouble with returning Promises that weren't resolved in my recursive fetching of data from Steem.

I was getting a Promise returned for comments that had children in them:

Comments that didn't have children, were returned as objects. The solution was to force a resolve on all Promises from the recursion:

And voila! All comments on a post are now visible!

The full markdown is shown, but I still have to add some stuff, like the rep and the voting and replying to comments, as well as editing the comments themselves.

2.2 Added comment reply form, and posting comments to Steem

After I got the viewing of comments done, I could get to adding comments to Steem.

Adding posts is done through a form I made, consisting of a textarea, and a button to post and button to clear the form.

After entering the text, you can then post to the blockchain:

As you wait and can't edit the comment, a spinner is shown until the post is added to the Steem blockchain. Using Steem Connect, the parentAuthor, parentPermlink, author, permlink, '', body, jsonMetadata are constructed and then sent for processing.

When the results come back, I get the comment itself from the blockchain, and dispatch it as results to be grabbed by the app again and shown on the page:

Then what you see is a cleared comment form, and your new comment gets added to the page!

3. Changes

3.1 Thumbnail images links to load posts

Previously, I had forgotten to add the post link to the image sin the PostSummary view. You could only click the title to open the post. Thanks to a reminder froma comment in my last update, this was suggested to be done. So I did it. Now you can click on the thumbnail image and see.

3.2 Tags for content in PostDetails

Another thing I had been putting off as I worked on other stuff, was the tags. Tags weren't even shown on PostDetails :/ I know, pretty crappy to not show those. So they have been added:

It's just a basic loop through map that displays each linked tag:

3.3 Short and long fromNow() date formats

When I added the moment package to the communities, I wanted a short name format that I customized:

But that was also showing for the PostSummary and PostDetail, which wasn't as nice.

After asking on stackoverflow, I managed to get two different formats to show, and now the posts themselves have the nicer longer date format:

4. Bug Fixes

4.1 Fixed not all data updating on a post summary after a vote

When I had done the upvoting last week, it worked to update the vote count on the page after the vote went through, but the payout count wasn't getting added. I needed to add all the post data, not just the upvote.

I changed the redux store to add the whole post, which I then used to get the needed information, such as vote count and payout value that was changed by the vote count:

4.2 Fixed previously voted posts losing data on new votes

Another issue I noticed, was that if you voted on more than one post, the previous post data was being lost. It was reverting to the stored state data from redux prior to the previous upvote being added.

To solve that issue, I had to store each voted post data in the store, which is the image above as well that contains the finalized working version.

The code before that was only storing the current upvoted post data, and losing the previous ones. Now, they all get stored and the updates for voting stay visible.

4.3 Fixed PostDetails post time showing 'a few seconds ago' for all posts

When I added the different date formats to the Communities vs. the PostDetails and PostSummary, there was a bug where all the times where showing as 'a few seconds ago' for each post being opened.

The error on my part was that I was doing a fromNow() on a date that was already applied to fromNow(). So fromNow() was being applied twice and it just bugged out.

5. Pull Request / Latest Commits

PR #8

6. Roadmap

I skipped past liking and rating for communities, and went for the viewing and posting of comments this week. It's an important part to have done. Up next will be posting content in general, not just comments ;). Another challenging week ahead :)

Working on:

  • Posting content to Steem (not just curation post submissions)
  • Posts submitted to communities page
  • Liking and rating submissions
  • About page

7. Contact

If you want to contact me, you can reach me on Discord at https://discord.gg/ApUp4jJ, or email at [email protected]. I'm not really on steem.chat, but I think I get emails if you send me a message.

Thank you for your time, attention and support! I appreciate it!



Thank you very much for your contribution.

  1. I haven't login, and tried to comment, the GIF is loading forever, and the console shows the following error
steemconnect.com/api/broadcast:1 Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 401 ()
vop-2-0-taking-control-of-the-cartel-nests:1 Uncaught (in promise) SDKError: sc2-sdk error
  1. How are comments sorted? I don't see payouts for comments, so I guess they are sorted in time order? (just saw this) The comments can be upvoted/downvoted as well so you have plenty to do on your roadmap :)
  2. It is better to remove commented out code to keep the codebase clean
  3. I can see you are returning recursive promises, it would be better to set a limit (max depth), otherwise, if there are too many nested levels, there will be possibilities (in theory) of stack over flow.
  4. I would recommend you use eslintto format/check your code, If you are using VS code, you can also install a plugin e.g. Prettier formatter.

Your contribution has been evaluated according to Utopian policies and guidelines, as well as a predefined set of questions pertaining to the category.

To view those questions and the relevant answers related to your post, click here.

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Thanks for the review, yes, there is a lot more to do for limiting comment depth and loading 20 at a time. And other things to do as well. All in due time hehe ;)

I try to remember to remove commented out code chunks, but sometimes forget.

Comment upvoting is coming. I don't have downvotes on posts yet, so the downvoting will be in the future after other stuff hehe.

I fixed the Home page loading issue when not logged in a few minutes ago, as someone else mentioned it to me. A change I made last week bugged that up. It works now. I'll look into the broadcast error you mention, as I thought I disabled comments from being shown if not logged in, but I guess I forgot to add that in the end, whoops. Thanks for letting me know.

I do use eslint. What formatting dislikes do you see?

Thanks again for the feedback! I always have my work cut out for me :)

Can you explain the evaluation? You seem a lot tougher on your judgment. It's the first time I've gotten below 75 I think...

  • "The post is of decent quality."

What would be a high quality post for you? I've scored high on all of the other posts where I take the time to put images and explain things. The first one or two I wasn't as descriptive.

  • "Average - it follows most best practices."

I'm curious, what have I forgotten to do this time around? I've gotten highs on all my previous posts.

For the commits and comments, do you have suggestions for what I should do to improve them? This time I admit the comments I didn't put @params for all of the functions, but the commits I try to describe them as I have before, and gotten rated as "high".

Thanks for helping me improve.

Hello, don't be upset, 73 is still very high (in my standard). I think you can improve your next contribution in the following area:

  1. unit tests. No tests are found to cover your changes. I would expect to see tests in any size of the projects, not to mention this one.
  2. some comments are not necessary, for example, Sort the Comments, comments should be clear and add additional values.
  3. The errors shown to console when users are not login (as I mentioned earlier) ==> indicates that the code can be improved in terms of robustness.

Don't take these as criticisms, you are already doing very good job and I am hoping to see more from you soon.

Thanks, I will take that into consideration. What about "The post is of decent quality."? You didn't answer me on that point. Your review and that of 3 other reviewers in utopian don't match on that category, as they all rate the posts I make as "high".

Look at my first post that got an "decent" rating:


It's much different than this above post, and all the others before that (update 2-9).

Look at all the other posts where I increased the quality of the post, and got a "high":


And then look at this post you reviewed again. Why does it fall into "decent" when it is of high quality like all the others (except the first post)? I don't understand how you can rate it as "decent" only. Please elaborate on why you judged it as only decent, in contrast to 3 of your colleagues who rate my post quality as high.

Thank you.

I understand your points. The decent and high are quite subjective, that depends on the opinions of the reviewer. I am sorry that I felt it is ‘decent’ which is still very good.
Utopian does not have a clear guidance on when to rank ‘decent’ and when to rank ‘high’, if there is, and if it is a very clear criteria I am sure every reviewers will follow and mark the same.

Ok. I had asked previously "What would be a high quality post for you?" Can you show me a high quality post so I know what I need to do?

If there is no criteria from utopian for this category of quality post, how does one judge it one way or another?


Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

I will try to keep my eye on it as it grows, so far I like what I see format wise. Nice simple not a lot of flash and easy to read. At least on the "Steem" and "Communities" tabs, Home tab just spins for me. By using your front end will there be a charge/beneficiary fee to pay? So far I like the look of your proposed front end a lot more than most of them I have seen.

Thanks for the feedback :)

Hmmm, the Home page loads fine for me. What browser are you using? What version of the browser? Is it just when you first go to the site, or when you click on 'Home'?

There won't be any charge for using the front-end, no.

I'm using chrome It happened both ways. This may be all of the page but I get the little circle going around the whole time.

krnel page.jpg

The loading mouse icon never comes to a stop.

Ah crap there is a bug for the home page when not logged in :/ One of the recent changes must have messed that up, doh! I'll work on fixing it. Thanks for letting me know! :)

No problem, I don't do any programming, but I do know when no one says anything then the maker may not see it for awhile. bugs happen.

I fixed it. Please let me know if you have other issues. Thanks again!

Looks good, I figured there should have been more on the front page.

pretty cool!

this is the first time i heard about thekure.net did you mention about it before? am slow -.-

resteeming for more visibility

I've been positing about it each week for about 2 months ;) Thanks for the support :)

damn, am slow. i do like reading the controversial news/articles you post, but honestly did not catch any postings on the above project haha

This is a really great platform -- I'm new to Steemit myself so I want to grow my account and get more involved in the community as a whole. This looks like a great way to help with that -- Thanks so much for sharing and putting in the work for all of us to benefit!

Thanks, more development to come and make it better ;)

I look forward to what comes next! All the best in the new developments!

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I take it we are now able to fully utilize comments on this and start exclusively curatoing our stuff for InformationWar community?


Yes, for comments/replies to posts directly. I still have to get replies to replies/comments working ;)

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