Translation of OroPlatform from English to Chinese Simplified- part 4 (559 words)

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OroPlatform is an Open-Source Business Application Platform (BAP) built in PHP5 and the Symfony2 framework. I have been translating OroPlatform project from English to Simplified Chinese.

Before this submission, the Simplified Chinese has completed 7%

Under “OroCalendarBundle” -> “translations folder”, messages.en.yml and validators.en.yml with 0% translation

After this submission, the Simplified Chinese translation has reached 9%:

And the above mentioned two files have been translated 100%。

Here are some examples of my translation:

You can see my contribution from URL below:

To prove it's my work, from the screen dump below, you can see my username and 197 translations suggested by me:

The following screen dump shows that I have translated 559 words:

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