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GitHub repo: https://github.com/mahdiyari/dblog-backend
Commit1: https://github.com/mahdiyari/dblog-backend/commit/b5b525e3932f33509fd9e4b169a8b548b35b1df6
Commit2: https://github.com/mahdiyari/dblog-backend/commit/deaffc5ede6d57cf76614c956fbbe86aad92ba5f
Commit3: https://github.com/mahdiyari/dblog-backend/commit/b09b556dcc0da54c3bdbec8c3c456ddb7b30e4cd

Recently I announced a new opensource project: https://steemit.com/onsteem/@mahdiyari/announcement-onsteem-a-better-interface-on-the-steem-blockchain

I started developing back-end for this project called Dblog.io (new name)!
We will have a back-end here and a front-end here

A demo will be available here: https://dev.onsteem.com (back-end and front-end connected)


Note: if you are not a developer, you can skip this part!

Explaining the structure of dblog-backend:
Main server file is api.js which will be started with npm start
The config file is config.js which includes all needed variables!
Under the /conf/ folder, needed configurations will be added. Currently, we have steemconnect/index.js for initializing steemconnect and /mysql/index.js for creating a MySql connection.
Under the /blockchain_apis/ needed RPC calls will be added. Currently, there is a database API get_dynamic_global_properties.js
Under the /login_apis/ needed functions for the login process will be added. Currently, we added a confirm_process.js for assigning a unique hex string (called hashKey) to the logged in users.
We will keep that unique hashKey instead of access_token (access_token provided by steemconnect and used to upvote, comment, and etc) in the database for validating other operations which will help to reduce security concerns.
confirm_process will check to see there is any hashKey in the request, then it will check that hashKey against the database. if there was not a hashKey in the request, confirm_process will assign a new hashKey for that user after checking login credentials.
We will use dynamic_global_properties in the front-end for some calculations. Like converting VESTS to the STEEM


All semicolons removed (semicolons are optional at the end of lines)
Functions divided
Variable names modified
More comments added
All functions converted to arrow functions
StandardJS applied
Callbacks removed
Readme updated
HTTP status codes updated
Better error handlings added

Coming update:

In the next update, Dblog will sync the user's data after the first login!
These data will be used in the blog page to categorize contents, provide similar contents, enable better searching in the contents, and managing blog page.

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