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RE: Mobilizing the Steem Community on CryptoTwitter [Upvote Rewards 4 Follows]

in #utopian-io3 years ago (edited)

This is a smart idea. Form a critical mass. It would also help if we all retweeted everything of interest from these accounts.
I've followed everyone on the list. Like all good ideas. It's simple. :-)
We need a daily coordinated approach to spread the advantages of our steem ecosystem. I'm in.


My twitter page is now a sea of steem app posts.


Thank you @molometer! Absolutely, we need more coordinated approaches and a stronger community footprint. We'll get there :)

This is a good start. We all need to blitz twitter daily.
Tbh I'd given up on the twitter wasteland but this is a great use of that platform.

We'll definitely come up with future ways to incentivize real Twitter engagement and growth.

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