Additional feature suggestions for Facebook material applications (play videos in the background)

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Facebook Materials is a free open source application with no ads that essentially offer a light alternative to the official Facebook client. Despite not reaching the extremes of the incredible Facebook Lite (less than 500 kilobytes), SlimFacebook only spends 600 kilobytes at most.


My advice to Facebook material application developers. Please add Facebook video play feature in the background users can view Facebook vidio while playing games or playing other apps.

Mockup / Example

  • A view when a user sees a video on a Facebook material. If the user wants to see the video in the background the user can press the feature '' play in backround video ''

  • Display when user watches video in background And when user wants to close vidio, user simply pull the logo up down to close it. A sample display can be seen below.


The above important features should be added in Facebook material applications. When users watch videos on facebook and receive messages WhatsApp friend.When the user wants to reply to a message, the user no longer needs to close the video up enough to suppress the video playback feature in the background the user can reply to a friend message on WhatsApp and the user can see the Facebook vidio while replying to a friend's message their friends.

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Your contribution can not be approved.
The suggestion is not seen as worth the reward. Your points of benefits are simple and they do not enhance the project that much, and there are some typographical errors within the content of your contribution which make it to look unprofessional, The Components section is to talk about what part of the app you want to improve.

The suggested feature even if viable, does not relate to the purpose of the project. You are advised to have a deep understanding of any project you are interested in to be able to give non trivial and technical ideas which can help the project stay unique. Thank you for using utopian

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