BUG : The app is corrupted when the user selects the theme settings feature and changes the rotation to the landscape screen.

in #utopian-io4 years ago (edited)

Expected behavior.

When users choose the theme settings feature and change the rotation of the screen into landscape, this feature should still run well without damaging the application.

Actual behavior.

When the user selects the theme settings feature and turns the screen rotation into landscape the application suddenly breaks down or the app goes out by itself.

How to reproduce.

  • Download the application on f-droid.
  • run the app.
  • Choose theme settings.
  • Turn the screen rotation into landscape.
  • Suddenly broken apps or apps out themselves.
  • Browser: PGPClipper version 0.21
  • Operating: xiomi redmi 4A android Version - Android: 6.0.1

Recording of the Bug.


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