BUG: The puzzle sharing feature does not work.

in #utopian-io4 years ago (edited)

Expected behavior

It should be when the user wants to share the puzzle to other players, this feature should work fine.

Actual behavior

When player wants to share a puzzle to others, the puzzle share feature does not work.

How to reproduce
  • Download the game.
  • play games.
  • click and hold of the numbers, Then choose share the puzzle.
  • The puzzle share feature does not work at all.
  • Browser: Holokenmod version 1.5.1
  • Operating system: xiomi redmi 4A android Android version: 6.0.1

Recording of the Bug


Sorry your contribution cannot be approved, it does not meet the Utopian rules.

All contributions should be based on the latest release. The latest release version can be verified here : https://github.com/queler/holokenmod/releases

Also, the share feature worked as intended when tested on the latest release. A screenshot is shown below:


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