BUG: Weather Location feature is not working properly.

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Expected behavior

When I press the Weather Location feature this feature should work properly and some weather will be visible.

Actual behavior

When the user presses the 'weather location' feature, this feature does not display anything or this feature is not working properly.

How to reproduce

  • Download the Gadgetbridge app in the play store.
  • run the Gadgetbridge app.
  • go to settings.
  • press weather, this feature is not working properly.
  • Browser: Gadgetbridge version 0.26.1
  • Operating system: xiomi redmi 4A android Android version: 6.0.1

Record of the bug


Unfortunealty, this particular contribution cannot be accepted because the information provided within this post doesn't indicate that an issue has occurred.

Firstly the screen which you state should show the weather is a list and you should click on that the item on that list which is labelled "weather location (CM/LOS)" should be pressed to set a location. The screenshot below should provide further info:


I, however, don't believe that the application should display the weather or if it does it shouldn't be shown on this screen. The main purpose of this feature is to allow you send weather updates to your connected device. Without a device that can be used to test this particular feature end to end, I believe this particular issue would provide no value to the project owner.

Due to the reasons mentioned above, I don't believe and an issue has occurred and it's because of this I cannot accept this particular contribution.

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