BUG : Landscape rotation can not scroll down screen.

in #utopian-io4 years ago (edited)

Expected behavior

When users change the screen rotation to landscape, users should be able to scroll the screen down, so users can choose any other features below.

Actual behavior

When the user changes the rotation to the landscape screen, the user can not scroll the screen so other features below can not be viewed.

How to reproduce

  • Download the application on f-droid.
  • run the app.
  • select the Search feature on the right side.
  • then change the screen rotation to landscape.
  • And when the user wants to select the "show" feature below. Users can not scroll screen the below.
  • Browser: ReLaunchX version 2.1.3
  • Operating: xiomi redmi 4A android Android version: 6.0.1

Recording of the Bug


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