Busy.org Translation: English To Finnish Language

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This is my Second translation to Busy.org open source project. Translating for busy.org has been a great thing even thou there are some difficulty in translating.

The second translation is translating busy.org from english to Finnish language. here are the procedures


the translation is 100% done
finish 2.PNG
finish 3.PNG

here are some word been translated

Search - Etsi

Save - Tallenna

Cancel- Peruuta

Confirm - Vahvista

Continue - Jatka

you can check more here : https://crowdin.com/translate/busy/all/en-fi

here is a video for the procedure


Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

Please be advised that translating 24 strings is not really what we want to support. I approve this entry because it made the translation to 100%.

You can contact us on Discord.

please can you explain more what you mean by 24 strings @jefpatat

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