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Getting to know what Steempi is all about

Recently i knew about steempi open source project when scrolling through site and was amazing see lot of translation base on the project, so i decided to make some research on steempi through @Techtek account and to know what this is actually all about.
I could see he has been busy build this up with all he could get and i know he will surly get somewhere positive with this.

Got some point what steempi is all about

SteemPi is a Tv-Box software that can be installed on a wide variety of single board computers such as the Raspberry Pi and Orange Pi, it presents Steemit, crypto currency, entertainment, and smarthome features on a connected TV and to your mobile devices.

Getting to know about the translation, i could see it is actually short to lot of translation i have been doing, i will implore @techtek to do some things to this by adding more words to be translated pending the matter of time.

msgid "username"
msgstr "užívateľské meno "

msgid "language"
msgstr "jazyk"

msgid "settings saved successfully"
msgstr "nastavenia úspešne uložené "

msgid "save"
msgstr "Uložiť"

msgid "language en"
msgstr "jazyk angličtina"

msgid "language de"
msgstr "jazyk nemec "

msgid "language nl"
msgstr "jazyk holandský"

msgid "main settings"
msgstr "hlavné nastavenia"

msgid "module activation status"
msgstr "stav aktivácie modulu"

msgid "module order"
msgstr "poradie modulov"

msgid "main ledtests"
msgstr "hlavné testy"

msgid "backgrounds"
msgstr "pozadie"

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Díval jsem se na tvoje dřívější práce pro Busy a měl by sis dávat víc záležet, než jen naklikat ty strojově přeložené řetězce. Někdy jsou správně, ale často obsahují nesprávnosti. Je to fakt škoda to vidět. Hlavně na Busy. Stejně tak tady. To, že většina lidí neumí Slovensky, neznamená, že tomu nikdo nerozumí. Tak se na to zkus ještě znovu podívat, ať to nějak vypadá. Jinak schválení nebude příště tak snadné.


Thank you, amazing to see all those translations!

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