Create an application using with Max, Min , Group by, Is null and Is not null commands on the MySQL database

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What Will I Learn?
In this video you will learn how to use The max, min, group by, is null and is not null commands on tables created in the MySQL Database. With these commands, you will learn to perform faster and easier operations in the database.

Your computer should be one of the following operating systems.
• Windows 32 - 64
• Linux
• MacOS
• The MySQL program is required to run this application.
MySQL download link:

• Intermediate

The content of this video includes the detailed use of MySQL, a database management system.
You will see a very fast and comfortable operation in the table created in the MySQL program with the commands I will show in this application.

With this application, you will find the highest and lowest value from the numeric information in the table. With this application, you will see a combination of the information in the table with the same name. With this application, you will find the missing information in the table and find the complete information.

Commands I Use
• Max: Finds the highest value in the column shown.
• Min: Finds the lowest value in the column shown.
• Group by: Makes a single column of information with the same name in the table.
• Is null: Returns the null rows in the column shown in the table.
• Is not null: Returns the rows that are full in the column shown in the table.

Video Tutorial - English Language - 720p


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