Create an application using with Mid, Length , Round, Replace, Upper and Lower commands on the MySQL database

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What Will I Learn?
In this video you will learn how to use The mid, length, round, replace, upper and lower commands on tables created in the MySQL Database. With these commands, you will learn to perform faster and easier operations in the database.

Your computer should be one of the following operating systems.
• Windows 32 - 64
• Linux
• MacOS
• The MySQL program is required to run this application.
MySQL download link:

• Intermediate

The content of this video includes the detailed use of MySQL, a database management system.
You will see a very fast and comfortable operation in the table created in the MySQL program with the commands I will show in this application.
With this application, you will find out how many characters of the information in the column you selected.
With this application, you will see the numbers in the column As Integer. You will see the captions in the column you selected in uppercase or lowercase letters.

Commands I Use
• Mid: Indicates the range specified in the column.
• Lenhth: Indicates the number of characters in the column.
• Round: Round the fractional numbers in the selected column to the whole number.
• Replace: Allows you to change the information in the selected column.
• Upper: Writes the information in the selected column with capital letters.
• Lower: The information in the selected column writes with small letters.

Video Tutorial - English Language - 720p


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