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RE: Flagging comment spam is a regular part of curation. Let’s learn how!

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Good post.

Giggles! About time someone explains how to separate spam from a person who speaks no English. Before you flag I think it's a good idea to first find out who/what you are dealing with. Sometimes I see something I think is spam, but when I dig deeper I find someone expressing their appreciation for a video or picture in the only English words they know. Sometimes the reverse is true and I find someone posting massive amounts of copied comments all over. I also do not have any objections to someone linking another's video in their post, but they should at a minimum include a bit of text, explaining why they are doing so.

Thanks for working to improve the issues/definitions. Greetings!


Giggles? That’s good, but the missspelled stuff was an accident.
Ohhh, yes, the language differences... yes, kinda forgot about that. Lots to talk about, but worth mention it along with this always.
Also, checking to see just how old an account is, to see if maybe a real person can be reasoned with, is a compassionate practice... giving warnings or polite advise... all good point for a follow up, or piggy back. 😁
Thanks for caring and commenting.