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As an asynchronous event driven JavaScript runtime, Node is designed to build scalable network applications. In the following "hello world" example, many connections can be handled concurrently. Upon each connection the callback is fired, but if there is no work to be done, Node will sleep.
This is in contrast to today's more common concurrency model where OS threads are employed. Thread-based networking is relatively inefficient and very difficult to use. Furthermore, users of Node are free from worries of dead-locking the process, since there are no locks. Almost no function in Node directly performs I/O, so the process never blocks. Because nothing blocks, scalable systems are very reasonable to develop in Node.

To explain briefly, It is a JavaScript Runtime platform that was developed by Joyent in 2009, allowing you to write server side applications with Javascript. Node.js works on the V8 javascript engine.

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Contribution Specifications

  • Translation Overview

Here comes the 9th part of the Node.js project! I've translated about 1001 words for this translation contribution. The status of the node.js project's is still 1%, which is really really bad. 99% left and I'm still aiming to finish this project lol. 991 parts left to finish the node.js project and I will finish this project completely, actually everything goes well, only 991 episodes left!!!

  • Languages
    I aim to translate this project from English to Turkish.

  • Word Count
    This translation contribution is about 1001 words. (Total Translated: 1220 - Untranslatable: 219 = 1001)

Proof of Authorship

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Thank you for contributing to the Utopian-Davinci Translation Project.

  • This is your 9 th contribution to the Node.js project.
  • You translated 1001 words in this contribution.
  • I could not found any error in this part.
  • I think you should translate at least 1050 words because if you made any mistake, your contribution should be counted as less than 1000 words.
  • Thank you for the text file you sent. It's much easier to check the number of words and the translation quality with the .txt file for me.
  • I'm looking forward to see your next contribution.

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