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My "steemit-earnings" tool is now on UTOPIAN.IO!

It is Open Source and if somebody wants to contribute, please contact me on steemit, steem.chat oder discord (profilename: schererf).

"steemit-earnings" is an simple tool to get the value of your steemit earnings. It reads the "claimed rewards" and the "transfers" of your account, calculates Steem Power based on historical 'steem_per_vests' values and converts it to BTC and EUR using the historical daily exchange rates.


This tool can simply be used for your personal interests or of course to create a template for reporting your steemit earnings for a financial office (as we need it in Germany for the tax office).

The created report is of course not an official document. It is just an idea on how to report your earnings!

Step by step


First of all you need to install "nodeJS" (LTS version). You can download nodeJS here: https://nodejs.org

Download the sources

As next step just go to my GitHub repository and Download the ZIP

Extract the downloaded zip to your preferred folder.

Open Node.js command prompt

Open the the "Node.js command prompt" and change to the folder of the extracted program.

Install the required packages of the program

For implementation I used several node packages :

  • steem: The steem JS API
  • fs: To create the output files
  • bluebird: Fully featured promises library
  • node-fetch: Brings 'window.fetch' to Node.js
  • cryptocompare-api: Get exchange rates for crypto and FIAT currencies

Just execute the following command to install all required packages for the program.

npm install

Run the program

To run the program you just have to enter

node get-claimed-rewards.js "accountname"

node get-claimed-rewards.js schererf

The program request all account history data for the specified account and creates a HTML and a CSV file as output.

Take a look at the output HTML

The created HTML uses the bootstrap-framework and looks like this.

By clicking on the "claim_reward_balance..." button you can see the JSON data of the underlying history entry.

Latest changes, new Features

The latest changes I made for version v0.4.0 are

  • Create one file per year as output (HTML, CSV)
  • Add the from/to info for transfers
  • Synchronized columns of reported HTML and CSV
  • Added 'steem_per_mvests.json' file with values till 02/2018

Please give me feedback if this tool is helpful for you.

Thanks for reading and watching,

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Nice, congrats @schererf! You deserve it...

Hey @schererf I am @utopian-io. I have just upvoted you!


  • This is your first accepted contribution here in Utopian. Welcome!

Community-Driven Witness!

I am the first and only Steem Community-Driven Witness. Participate on Discord. Lets GROW TOGETHER!


Up-vote this comment to grow my power and help Open Source contributions like this one. Want to chat? Join me on Discord https://discord.gg/Pc8HG9x

THX for supporting this project!

Thank you for the contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord.

Thanks a lot for the approval and for providing such a great service!

utopian is a great platform for developers like you :) who can contribute to the community :D

Yes it's really a great platform. I like :)

This post received a upvote from @resteemme and it's trail. Thanks to @resteemme!

Hey, Danke for the good work. Will give it a try.

Vielen Dank. Und schon Gelegenheit zum Testen gehabt?

nope - diese Arbeit in der Woche macht mich ganz "wuschig" und hält mich von solchem testen ab.


developers will find a useful thing there now thanks for sharing it buddy

wow you contributed to the utopian that's great :)

contributing to utopian-io is awesome.great job,all the best for your future projects.

i am not a developer but you are doing awesome work :) keep it up and build some amazing thing for all

Please i need guide on how to join in utopian open source project

Well I do like utopian.io and their dedication towards making the use of new contributors !

Good post, very informative

Nice, the information update..

Really you're giving a very good information sharing with us, thank you D:) friend @schererf for this valuable post,

Really you're giving a very good information sharing with us, thank you D:) friend @schererf for this valuable post,

i only got this...:

cd C:\Users\User\Desktop\steemit-earnings-master
cd C:\Users\User\Desktop\steemit-earnings-master

SyntaxError: Unexpected identifier

cd "C:\Users\User\Desktop\steemit-earnings-master"
cd "C:\Users\User\Desktop\steemit-earnings-master"

SyntaxError: Unexpected string

What operating system do you use?

Win 10 64 bit

Sorry but I have no idea what's wrong. If you use the node command prompt, it should work...

Du sprichst doch deutsch oder :P ich weis es auch nicht. Hab auch das verzeichnis gewechselt und es ging nicht. Kann man da was machen das es quasi eine installationsroutine gibt die alles automatisch macht?

Einen kompletten Installer gibt es leider nicht, aber ich arbeite gerade an einer reinen HTML Version, die man direkt im Browser ausführen kann. Wird aber noch ein paar Tage dauern...

Sehr gut. Sagst du mir Bescheid?

Gute Neuigkeiten: Ich habe eine neue Version mit HTML UI auf github bereitgestellt :-)

(Sorry, das es ein bisschen länger gedauert hat...)

Die kann dann sogar ich bedienen... ;-)

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