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RE: Analysis : Posts created per day and Organic Ratio

in #utopian-io4 years ago (edited)

256 posts a day, that would equal 10 per hour, or roughly one post every 6 minutes.
Thinking that one person sleeps 8 hours, he'd post once every 4 minutes.

Are comments included?
Or, are we talking about just blog-posts?
The code seems so ambiguous (to me) that a comment would "technically" still be it's own post.


The comments are not included, this is only the blog posts.
With comments, the quantity is much more.

This also was unbelievable to me and I verified the result from steemdb.

Result is correct...approximately 260 posts per day.


I was intrigued by how one account could post so much. It is a new agency, that is using steempress to post on Steemit.

@emergehealthier, thank you for clarification. I was sure it was some kind of bot, indeed it is...

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