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We Need Stronger Steem Discovery

The most pressing question to most Steemians, whether you’re a whale, witness, dev, investor, daily user, enthusiast, or a combination of the above is - how do we get more people to discover and engage with the Steem blockchain? Looking around at the state of DApps today - Steem should be the blockchain that the general public starts off with when learning about cryptocurrency, even before Bitcoin in our opinion. Steem has well over fifty thousand global daily active users, hundreds of applications that can be used to earn cryptocurrency today, and the most active potential for communal growth and development. Steem is simply the easiest blockchain available to engage and be rewarded by.

Ethereum hosts 2,000 DApps but only 14,000 Daily Active Users

Let's Build Bridges

It remains a paramount struggle to get the word out there and make Steem shine amongst a great deal of the other altcoin chaff whose market values are artificially bolstered by hype and promises. As a community, we should be looking to bridge this active and productive ecosystem with the broader public.

We all need to be better at showcasing these assets to the public. Despite having the world's most engaged blockchain - we have one of the smallest off-blockchain communities. Spreading the word is incredibly important. We all need to be better at building bridges.


We were inspired by @timcliff’s Steem blasts and @stephenkendal’s efforts off-chain, and we wanted to come up with a strategy to incentivize and reward Steemians for their efforts to support major projects on the Steem blockchain. So, we came up with this to start -

Follow [ALL] Steem Twitter Accounts = Earn an Upvote

Our premise here is simple. Let’s incentivize Steemians to build the most public facing avenue for Steem-powered projects. Twitter is by far the most active social platform for the blockchain industry and crypto community, so it’s the perfect place to start. Most major DApps and communities, including Steemit Inc. itself, have growing presences on Twitter and if we were able to successfully encourage even a fraction of Steem’s daily user base, there would be tremendous public energy and attract more users to Steem.

How to Play

Follow the accounts (linked below). Take a snapshot of you following the above (the Twitter ‘Following’ list will show your most recent follows in chronological order) and share it in the comments (below) for a @sndbox upvote! Share your ideas for more Steem exposure and promotion as well!

First, let’s start with Sndbox and our Magazine, The Creative Crypto. Our team has been aggressively building out our Magazine's Twitter presence and now have 1,500+ engaged (human) followers / 1 million twitter impressions each month. There's a huge demand for content, creativity and culture on Crypto Twitter. Steem's got it.

Creative Crypto

Steem DApp - Twitter Master List

Here's our working list of Steem DApps with Twitter accounts. Follow them, all of them. If we're missing anybody, let us know in the comments below -

Cheat sheet - we've made a public list you can quickly follow here -

Steem - official

Empower artists, writers, musicians, non-profits and community initiatives - delegate Steem Power to @sndbox (using the links below) or follow our curation trail. Learn more about Sndbox - watch our introduction, here.


Follow us on Twitter, YouTube, and our magazine The Creative Crypto / @creativecrypto


Hey there! Would be great to have on this list -

Hi there @musing squad! Of course! Followed and on our DApp list :D

Thanks for spreading the word and building networks!

Hi there @sndbox squad,
I don't see @actifit on your list
followed all of the list !

Great, thanks for the heads up! We just added @actifit to the list. Steem on and stay healthy :D

Thank you for keeping an eye and further promoting Actifit!
You've been accordingly rewarded 100 Actifit tokens, as well as an Actifit upvote.
Actifit..Rewarding Fitness Activity
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Amazing initiative! Can't wait to see more of it!

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tweeter follow.JPG

@sndbox All follow task done !

Can we add Actifit twitter account to the list? Handle is @actifit -

It's a Fitness Tracker App ..

Fantastic, added them on the list! Thank you @steallion!

Thanks to you , doing awesome job..

Thank you for keeping an eye and further promoting Actifit!
You've been accordingly rewarded 100 Actifit tokens, as well as an Actifit upvote.
Actifit..Rewarding Fitness Activity
Chat with us on discord | Visit our website
Download on playstore | Download on app store
FAQs | Text Tutorial | Video Tutorial

Welcome @actifit , but Good things do not need promotions, Is automatically promoted ..

This project is being supported by @Fundition

Fundition is a next-generation, decentralized, peer-to-peer crowdfunding and collaboration platform, built on the Steem blockchain.

#upfundition and #fundition tags on Steem represent the projects that are started on

Are You Prepared to Make the World a Better Place too?

Read the full details of Fundition Fund program

Learn more about Fundition by reading our purplepaper


Join a community with heart based giving at its core

Thank you @fundition team! See you in the TwitterVerse :D

Pls see if actnearn qualifies to be in this list. We plan SMT and already have 10000 our own followers and 100K followers of our 30+ influencers who work with us on any campaign. We try to support all campaigns that plan to promote steem.

We have followed you, steem, steemit, and many others dApps long back.

Hi @actnearn team! Thanks for letting us know :D

This list is just for applications that you can log into and use today. Once you guys launch please let us know. We'll be doing many more of these campaigns especially once Smart Media Tokens become available!

Thank u. We will be in touch

Hi there Guys. I would love to share some ideas:

  1. Let's make a big marketing campaign so everyone in Steemit may share the best posts talking about STEEM, guides and best user cases. Here we can include Success Stories of many members. The idea is to share the same posts so we could make them viral in twitter/facebook/reddit/etc.

  2. Let's declare an Free Instant account creation day. I don't know how but this could be done so people can register very easily. Let's face it, the account creation process is a real pain in the ass. Many people I have invited told me "Why the account creation process is so hard?". So maybe somehow we could make one day(per month or per week) so people can easily create an account and get a fast course about how to start. This can be promoted on all social networks.

  3. If we open the access, so people can register easily(why not creating some kind of KYC or using google's mail ID + a manual verification or Real ID verification?) we could pay for ads in any platform out there but we need a better way to create new accounts.

We are doing our bests in order to maintain and sustain this platform why not making it massive once for all? What do we need if we are creating the money here?....Just saying...

So those are the ideas I have right now. Open registration access + a free fast course to put people in track may be a good way.

For twitter it could be a special campaign to **give accounts away for people whom can do an specific number of retwits and likes/shares ** (As you can see I am not an usual Twitter user so)...Paying twitter ads?


"Proof of Work" - Source

Awesome work! Can we get @dlux-io twitter account added to the list? Handle is @dluxxr - Thanks!!

Fantastic! Thanks for the tip! We just added @dlux-io to the DApp roster :D

Great way to promote and support the DApps communities!


As always, thank you for your support @djlethalskillz! You are a true crypto ambassador and understand the value of these growing networks. Steem on :)

Steem on!

Cheers. "Get up....stay on the steem!"

I'm pretty new to twitter but I'll try my best to help :)

Every bit counts! Thanks for spreading the word :)

good idea for steem communities unite
with DApps and communication ! :)

followed all of the list !

thanks :)



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Nice going! Good looking spread there :)

thanks for sndbox's effects ! :)

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OMG misspelled
effect ☞ efforts
but also the meaning is good LOL :)

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I followed the 15 accounts. ;)

A beautiful sight. Thank you @chesatochi!

Great work! Thank you for adding Actifit.

Actifit..Rewarding Fitness Activity
Chat with us on discord | Visit our website
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Way to go!

Following on both my twitter accounts.
Screenshot_2018-10-12-11-51-41.png Screenshot_2018-10-12-11-51-25.png Screenshot_2018-10-12-11-51-10.png

Excellent, much appreciated Dave!

I will support the campaign!
post me.png



Great idea @sndbox! Let's see what we can achieve as a active group. I'm almost sharing every post on Twitter.
Here are my images:

8ibilvgnpc.jpg 4riztuvnq6.jpg sys77a1dk7.jpg

Have a great weekend!

I think a mass in flow of tweets base on STEEM, coinbase and altcoins as a tags on Twitter will push it to trending and a lot of retweets.
Although, @timcliff and other members of blast agreed to create a separate account on Twitter for channeling things concerning and connected to this. I don't know maybe you guys shared the same thoughts or think alike?
Perhaps you have a better idea...
Main reason for creating the account on Twitter is to concentrate on a particular tweet from a particular account. (Millions of retweets and mention get the message on trending very fast).


Thanks for raising this - ultimately - we need Steem applications, users and communities to build a stronger footprint on existing social networks in order to make rallies and campaigns impactful.

Twitter is a network where lots of cryptocurrency conversations are being had and where we should be making ourselves heard more frequently. Steemit Inc. is beginning to do this... and all of us can help by engaging and contributing to the conversation.

I hate to get all spammy here, but I wrote a small piece up on my own strategy which is to compare traditional social network posts to their Steem, or other cryptographic social networks, outcomes.

I take a screenshot of my instagram or YouTube post and then compare them to the Steem versions. In every case, I've made at least a few cents compared to $0.00. I think that's a practical and simple way of marketing cryptocurrency social networks.
Screen Shot 20181011 at 3.20.02 PM.png

That's a fantastic example! That would make an interesting DApp idea - creating a side by side interface where you publish the same thing on steemit / medium ... steepshot / instagram... youtube / dtube... and then track the results!

Anyway sorry that's off topic, hah - thanks for sharing this. People get really caught up (negatively) with 25¢ posts, when in reality that's more value than other social networks will ever pay. A great marketing strategy that can immediately resonate with content creators.

If I knew how to program, I would do it myself! Good idea. A real time comparison based off of a shared hashtag maybe?

The steem blockchain needs strategies like this,like you earlier said twitter is one social that gives update about cryptocurrencies ..i think i will start following up steemit in twitter so i can keep myself abreast about so many things.

This is a smart idea. Form a critical mass. It would also help if we all retweeted everything of interest from these accounts.
I've followed everyone on the list. Like all good ideas. It's simple. :-)
We need a daily coordinated approach to spread the advantages of our steem ecosystem. I'm in.


My twitter page is now a sea of steem app posts.

Thank you @molometer! Absolutely, we need more coordinated approaches and a stronger community footprint. We'll get there :)

This is a good start. We all need to blitz twitter daily.
Tbh I'd given up on the twitter wasteland but this is a great use of that platform.

We'll definitely come up with future ways to incentivize real Twitter engagement and growth.

I was already following half of them so I might as well follow the rest!

Anyway I was actually only missing a couple of them. Thank you so much for trying to call out people on their shit lololol every 2 weeks I talk about this on my videos to remind everyone that we need to spread the word. Because if no one knows where to find us no one will consume our content 😀🙏🏻 this is amazing. Thank you once again for doing this.




Thank you so much @sergiomendes! 100%... we need better wayfinding. That's a broader crypto problem, but it's a something that the Steem community could lead the charge in changing.

I totally agree. I think people are just asleep and doing their thing in here that they forget about all the positive things they could earn and improve by being active promoting all over mainstream social platforms. I just saw your tweet and RT 😉 let's get it out there. I am all in with you guys in this battle. Have been one of my main flags in here for a while now ❤️

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Good idea, thanks for sharing the list. It makes it faster to follow Screenshot_20181012-002345.png Screenshot_20181012-002356.png Screenshot_20181012-002400.png

Thanks for sharing the list @sndbox! I was already following most, but now I’m following all! Cheers :)

(PS I found this post thru Twitter!)


Fantastic! Glad you found this through Twitter :D

I was already following some of the accounts : D

The more exposure Steemit gets, the more conversions will happen. What can we do? Like and Retweet what we find exciting from the list we followed on Twitter. Our followers and other users will find it exciting as well. Building a dedicated community is important.

Steemit users need to remembers that the users own Steemit and not Mark Zuckerberg. The more users who are interested in Steemit, the more valuable the network is.

Great idea

Thanks for the mention. Stephen

Absolutely @stephenkendal! You're one of Steem's star stewards.


Others I've already following few months ago
Can check here

Great, thank you for the support @psos!

Thanks you too :)

Great Idea Guys,

All I have followed, hopefully it can help facilitate communication between members of the Steem DApps community

Work Proof Steem DApps

Hi, @sndbox, I have done this. Excellent initiative.

capture 1.JPG
Capture 2.JPG
Capture 3.JPG
Capture 4.JPG

Thank you for information. I followed already. Love steem

That's great! @sndbox

Excellent @sndbox !

Here is proof of connecting with other steem Dapp

@sndbox good job

Hello @sndbox!

Thanks for great platform and community.


Great work @dalz :)


Steemit as for me is the #1 platform that can really bring about the mass exposure and adoption of cryptocurrency.
Just like the CEO of coinbase said

people will possess crypto by first earning it.

Steemit resonate with that statement very well

Many have already benefitted by showcasing their set of skills at various levels and domestication.

Personally, I have struggled in the past to be rewarded by the incentive mechanism of the system, but I have taken a bold step by leaving my day job which has enslaved me for the past 1&half year which I have nothing to show for.
I know it will be difficult journey but I am very determined to see a breakthrough through this awesome platform.
Here is my new post introducing back with a renew strength which focus is on the space am passionate about "blockchain"
I need your, advise, support and encouragement as I embark on a liberty-seeking- journey.

Success to All.

The follow proof screenshot

Thanks for spreading the word @paulo380!

I am organising a signup drive in response to the recent mass censorship on Facebook and the leaked censorship document from Google. All help is appreciated:


Done :)

WhatsApp Image 2018-10-13 at 23.50.12.jpegWhatsApp Image 2018-10-13 at 23.50.13.jpeg

Alls Done>>
Followed By elqatamy

Hopefully it will quickly develop as planned

Following all of the twitters.. great job :)

Hi @sndbox here is the snapshot of my participation

Hello, @sndbox, I have done. Excellent initiative.


Hi @sndbox,

All done!


Steem On!

@sanbox i followed all but they are not adjusting in 1 screensot.
Steem DApp - Twitter Master List
and sandbox list both done.

please visit my twitter handle and check all following. thank you.

Artists arnt empowered otherwise i would have seen it when i upliad artwork

Mobilization is KEY ! get after it! :)

I'm new to Steemit but this post is SO correct! You've just gained a new follower and I'll be following the twitter accounts you recommended today 😊

Excellent initiative!

Excellent idea. Keep it going!

The comments just look like a massive spam fest :D

Great idea! ;D

I wonder if anyone's using Peepeth to advertise their steemit content ?

I've just gotten myself an invite so I can use it to promote my cryptocollectible art, but maybe I should include my steemit posts too 😆

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Nice article. I love this initiative. Do not forget about knacksteem project

Does the KnackSteem app have a twitter account? (I couldn't find one).

If not it might be a good time to create one ;)

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please upvote me

Your Steem with dots around it picture looks an awful lot like the NBN logo, I hope all the linked services are actually usable :D

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