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RE: Flagging comment spam is a regular part of curation. Let’s learn how!

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Flagging spammers/scammers is so important for Steemit! Thanks for all you do @steemseph. I do feel like it's been getting less and less. Or maybe the spammers/scammers just don't come my way anymore knowing they'll get flagged. lol.

Anyways, I was dropping by to tell you about the new 'Show Us Your California' contest we are doing for #socalsteemit. We'd love to have you participate!


Yes, if the spammer come your way I will flag them. :) I think HF20 helped some. Thanks for supporting me and believing in our anti-abuse efforts.

Did you say,

Show Us Your California Contest?!

Thanks for letting me know. I have a DTLA series that would be perfect and I have a post burning a hole in the darft folder in my pocket too!

Hi @steemseph,
We wanted to let you know that this weeks Show Us Your California contest has started! We'd love to have you participate. We've got 4SBI up for grabs this week!

Thanks for the reminder!!! I needed that. I’m almost done with something!