[Call for Input] Spotlight Development Challenge on Utopian.io - Make Money Developing on Github!

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Spotlight has been busy creating opportunities on Steemit.com in an attempt to spur high quality article writing and video production. We've had a pretty fun response but noticed that the writing/videography crowd is a little bit quiet these days, so we've decided to branch out into Open Source Development...

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Spotlight Development Challenge

Spotlight Development Challenge aims to take the new spotlight point-based system and apply it to open source development. Devs who enter the contest will create a new repo and develop a utopian.io or steemit.com app that is open source and submitted on utopian.io.

  1. Devs self-evaluate their submissions by posting the satisfied criteria items in the first comment of their post.
  2. After a post has been submitted and self-evaluated, Spotlight will verify the entries points.
  3. The post with the most points at the end of the contest wins!

What we need from the Utopian Community

We need your feedback! We have points to offer but we need you to tell us what is valuable.

We can offer points for lines of code, proper documentation, commenting... the list goes on!
If you have a criteria list or item you'd like to offer, please comment below!

If you're a developer, please weigh in and lets make the Spotlight Development Challenge fun, profitable, and accessible to all.

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The Utopian tree goes through 2 cycles of growth every year. The first growth cycle of the tree is during the monsoon season when it doubles in height. The second growth cycle is during the summer when it increases in height by 1 meter. If a new Utopian tree sapling of height 1 meter is planted just before the onset of the monsoon season, can you find the height of the tree after N cycles?

###Input Format### The first line of the input contains an integer T, the number of testcases. T lines follow each line containing the integer N, indicating the number of cycles.

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Wait, are you talking about a platform like utopian for writers? If so, I want in! Can't write code, but if I can contribute in ANY WAY - I really really want to.

Look me up on the utopian discord.

I have been considering something like that @techslut, but for now we're going to offer spotlight contests for Utopian devs and see what cool new projects we can spur with our delegation prizes.

i hope next year will be the best for utopian ..

Thank you for your contribution. It has been approved.

You can contact us on Discord
For posting rules, check Rules

This is must blog post category

Sorry @arie.steem I didn't see how I could post in the blog category.

Either here:


Or here:


You're welcome!

I think this should be in the blog post category, but it can not be changed again, because it is in the accept by mods.
so. for now its okay @gktown

Thanks for putting so much consideration into all this. I'll do my best to cooperate with your set up as I learn more :)

You are welcome.. If you need something, feel free to contact me on discord :)

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Can it be an existing work? (Launched a few days ago)

That's a great question and one of the reasons I wanted to ask the communities opinion.
I think the work should be recent/relevant, but I also want to be inclusive.

What do you think about accepting repo's that are new, within the last two weeks?

Well, like previous Spotlight competitions, it has to be new. But development work is pretty hard, I'm just a noov trying it out. I think it has to be very recent, 2 weeks seems okay to me.

Hopefully when you launch it, it gets good traction and generate lots of projects.

Perhaps running the contests in segments would make sense? There could be a Proposal phase where devs sign up, they offer information regarding their idea, their resources, their team etc. and are ranked on the completeness of their idea.

Winners of this contest move on to the next phase.

The second phase could be development. Teammates could give an update that outlines their progress in creating the app, they could discuss roadblocks, accomplishments, etc.

Winners of this phase move on to the last phase

The third phase could be a pitch phase where the devs create a publication outlining the benefits of using their newly created apps.

With this model, it's likely that we would host the idea collection phases weekly. We could host the development update phases monthly and the final round once every quarter. Similarly the prizes could reflect the stage of competition the devs are in.

That would mean that by entering this contest you & your team aim to have a working demo of the project within 3 months.

Sounds like you aldesdy have it planned. This looks like a long term commitment too. I bet it would be great.

I feel like we'd need to add some dev to this project. Like you said it would take a lot of commitment, and reducing that workload could be super helpful to the functionality and staying power that the project will need to really get going.

I need to go back to school again and spend like 20 yrs more then I come back here to join only if i have the qualification I would like to join too.

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