Task Request: Kindly Help Us Create Fresh "Hashtag" Columns And Change Some Labels On Ulogs.org



Ulogs.org blockchain-based social network where everyone can create ULOGS, become "true celebrity" (ULOGGERS), have a community of  "true fans" and earn a variety of rewards and the currency called "steem". 
It is a fork of busy.org as well. Thus, being familiar with the busy.org helps. 


Today's task will involve two micro-tasks. The first one involves changing some labels across ulogs.org and the other involves re-arranging the "trending hashtags" column.

For the first micro-task, look at the screenshot below to gain insight into what is expected..... 

Current look:

upon login

prior to login

Expected look:

both upon login and prior!

We would like you to divide that "trending hashtags" column into two separate parts, to indicate "Ulog & Ulog-subtags", separately from "Steem Hashtags", with each columns maintaining its "view more" component.

Below, i will provide a currently list (& order) to be displayed under the column "Ulog & Ulog-subtags":

For the "Steem Hashtags" column, simple add #teardrops #untalented #surpassinggoogle to the top of the list, followed by the default list of "steem's trending hashtags".

Each of the hashtag tab on the lists for each column, should link to its corresponding hashtag URL on ulogs.org (like normal). 

For the second microtask, read below:

Please Help Us Change Some Labels On Our Website To Show "Ulogs.org" In Place Of "Busy".

Please help us, do some edits to the Ulogs.org code, so that it indicates that "Ulogs.org" was used, in cases where https://ulogs.org was used to make a  comment or post. 

This will help us especially with manual curation and analytics, among other things. 

Current Behavior

For posts done from ulog.org, the website leaves a "blank" indication that Ulogs.org interface was used. See screenshot: 

 For posts done using other condensers, the website already indicates this with the name of the condenser used e.g busy, steemit, esteem etc. This should be maintained. See screenshot: 


For comments, ulogs.org indicates the word "busy" even when ulogs.org was used. However, it shows "steemit" etc when other condensers are  used. This should be maintained!

 Please help us change label(s) accordingly across our website, so that posts and comments made using https://ulogs.org indicates so, with the word "Ulogs.org", while maintaining existing "style" for other condensers. 


Though the task request post appears lengthy, i believe the task request is quite easy to accomplish as the components to accomplish both already exists with the code. The first part of the task involves replication and the second part of the task may simply involve a "label change".

If you are a veteran coder and especially, versed with React JS and the busy.org framework, you can certainly carry out your own build.   If you aren't very versed with coding and you want to attempt the  task, we can always discuss possible solutions, logic etc We just may  find answers. 

Overall, carry out the task according to your preference and  expertise, submitting a pull request and thereafter a post following  Utopian's guidelines for Development (contributions).  


2 days   


You can contact me on:       

You can also indicate interest by leaving a comment underneath this post or on Github. It is recommended that we are able  to discuss, for a better understanding of the task.




Thanks for the task request and once again good luck on finding someone who can solve it for you!

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Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 3 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Good job you have here @surpassinggoogle, am no computer geek so I wouldn't know how to do all this, but I appreciate all your innovative ideas you're putting on the steem blockchain. Helping it to be better, I think @autofreak should be able to get this done.

I will look it up the depository, thanks.

Hello Terry, I merged a PR to develop for this TR. https://github.com/surpassinggoogle/UlogsV2/pull/119

I also got a help from another developer. He added Ulogs to the list of whitelisted apps for the second micro-task.


PR to display Ulogs text on comment when comment was submitted using ulogs.org.


Sir it's great informational post. I like to shared on twitter.

Wow.. there are many hashtags that can be use..

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Hello @surfinggoogle, you and your team are constantly active, thanks for always looking for ways to make us visible.
I wish you and your team the best, that the universe will grant you many of your wishes.
Have a happy day:)

The settings you request for ulogs.org are fantastic!

This comment was made from https://ulogs.org

Excellent mechanism! Now it will be easier not only to visualize the material, but to read it according to our interests. Ulog was very general. With this there will be a more specific way of distributing the content and a better use of the labels. I congratulate the whole @surpassinggoogle team because they are always thinking how to make the platform more practical and more dynamic. Greetings

Terry boy you are every where even in my dreams too great to see you thanks for your ulogs.

Gracias @surpassinggoogle por ayudarnos y proporcionarnos nuevas etiqueras para encontrar con mayor facilidad las diferentes categorias de los Ulogs de los cuales disponemos en Steemit. Saludos

Sir Terry,
You are doing a great job and taking good intiviative for inspirational future.

thank you @surpassinggogle

Hi @surpassinggoogle!

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the suc-title or hastags are great if only I knew how to help you with your requests I would but alas I have no idea lol but just keep on going you are doing great.

Ok sir @surpassinggoogle from todays i am going to use this hashtag,i love ulog.Ulog my passion, my dream

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Interesante información, es bueno saberlo. gracias por compartirla. @surpassinggoogle.

@surpassinggoogle, This update also is appreciable aspect and that is because, we all know that ULOG is Trending aspect and if we see all the ULOG tags at one place then that will going to give ease to find favourite ulogs.

And another aspect of tags is, sometimes tags can inspire to try something different for example, if an individual never tried poetry in his life but after watching the #ulog-poetry may be he will try to write an poetry piece.

So great to see all these tags and i hope that it will going to boost the aspect of ease. And for sure this update is giving an fresh look to the home page.

So keep up this amazing work and we are experiencing the growth of the ULOG Platform step by step. And hope and wish that this amazing work will be continued.

Wishing you an great day and stay blessed. 🙂

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Wonderful post!!! 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏