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What is steem-automation ?

Steem Automation is a node.js based bot application to stream the steem blockchain for new blocks,
parse them for ttransactions and do custom operations when a transaction meets a predefine criteria.

How does it work ?

Steem automation uses steemjs for querying blocks, dsteem.js for broadcasting transactions and a centralised MongoDB
database to store the last processed block number,although it can be replaced by another database easily. Please note that
this script does not store the actual blocks anywhere, just processes them one by one,
but it can be modified to store blocks/transactions on the centralsied database too.

How to run the bot ?

  • Node.js v8+
  • MOngoDB (local or mlab)
  • Clone the repo locally
git clone
  • Install dependencies
npm install
  • Configure the environment variables Add the bot account name and active key in utils.js and mongodb url in mongo_util.js

  • Run the app

npm start


You can deploy this app to any server that has node.js installed but we recommend to run this app on heroku using this guide.


See the examples directory for examples

Use Cases

  • Automate Upvote
  • Automate Resteem
  • Automate Bets on steem/steem-engine based betting sites
  • Automate Dice Payouts on your dice app
  • Provide notifications feature in your app
  • Automate Delegation calculation and payouts

You can tell us more :D


  • Add environment variables via .env files
  • Add procfile for heroku deployment
  • Add predefined rules
  • Add a front end to set rules and environment variables
  • Add support for SCOT operations

How to contribute

  • Fork the Repo
  • Create a new branch named as issue number
  • Commit your code
  • Raise a Pull Request

Contact us

To know more about Swapsteem and our projects please connect with us on

GitHub Account


Thank you for your contribution. The idea looks promising and interesting, although I haven't seen any examples in your repro or post.

  1. You probably want to add a handler (or callback) to getTransactions so that the logics of handling the automation and the getting blocks/transactions can be separated.
  2. inconsistent usage of let and var, and the line-ending semicolon.
  3. You may want to re-format the utils.js, and add some comments and blank lines between functions.
  4. private activekey, the steem node are better configured/stored off the source code e.g. env parameter
    5.console.log could be replaced by a Logger object which we can decide where to log e.g. output to files.
  5. commented-out code should be removed to keep your codebase clean.

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Thank you @justyy for the review! We are soon adding codacy to our projects for automated code reviews which will help us get a good score here. The post is written by a Developer not a professional content writer so quality might be low. We are in a process of hiring content writers now.

You can see the automated review of this project using the link below :

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Thank you for your review, @justyy! Keep up the good work!

This could turn out to be a real time saver. Looking forward to trying it out

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Thank you for your feedback. Examples coming soon!

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Neat work here man.

Thank you @klye. Cheers!

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This looks pretty awesome; trying to figure out whether or not I want to use this. Could be like @steemauto in some cases. That's the current use case I see for it, considering I don't currently maintain any applications on the blockchain myself ... yet.

It will soon have a front end to set rules so that you don't have to run an instance of this bot yourself. Till then you can try to play around it and share some example use case, ofc if you are a Developer.

That would be great! So many people who don't even know how to 'run an instance' :D STEEM makes me motivated to become a programmer though :') Cheers and thanks!

Hehe, it's easy to run it, just follow the steps in this post or the readme file in the repo. Development is not that hard if your logic nerves function well :p

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Hehe, I've been learning some bits of programming already over the years, it's not that hard, I just need to set apart some time dedicated to learning this new skill - I'll run it tonight and see how it works! :D Thanks!

I am writing some examples right now. It will be easier once you can see some custom automation and then Google for custom log implementation until you are a pro at it.
I would also recommend to learn programing.

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I mean question now is whether you need apps of your own in order for this to work? It doesn't seem like you would.

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Steemauto does support some of these but there are lot of a things that can be automated.

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I see it more for repost, actually. I need to do more of that in my account for certain people, and I never got a chance to because I always miss them.

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I see. I will add an example in the examples directory soon and to show resteeming can be automated for a certain/group of accounts

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Awesome. I'll take a look.

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