Why Hitler committed suicide ?

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Hello, Friends today, I tell you, why Hitler committed suicide. Hitler was hiding in a bunker with her wife on April 30, 1945, she was married at the same bunker of minutes from the house. It was the same Hitler who had been in Germany for eleven years. He was doing a single government, but now his power was over, he had entered Germany and was thirsty, what would happen if I would tell you at the end of the video but let's tell you that Hitler It came to know that the friends of Hayley were born and in Austria.

It was born in poor households, it wanted to be an artist in childhood. After all, after the death of his father, Hitler began to work in childhood, most of his childhood orphanage, in the age of 24, Hitler shifted to Munich city of Germany. Hitler has applied to the German army that he was from Austria but Hitler was recruited to the German army during the first war.

Hitler's brave churches spread all over him to the German army's highest Honors were also honored, but in the twenty-eighteen thousand soldiers surrendered in front of the enemy in the German army, Hitler had a fierce anger for the first war. After the Hitler German army became an intelligence officer, there was a lot of interest in politics, and in the 1980s he made Germany's German Workers Party, which also called the Nazi Party, criticized his opponents with severe criticism. During his infiltration, during the nine months in prison for conspiracy against the government, the friends who had been in jail for nine months, when the unemployment rise in Germany reached Germany, Hitler lost his chance and took part in the election. The election was held in Germany in 1932 and Germany was defeated by Paul von Hondurberg. But he won 36 percent of the votes, winning Paul Hindenburg himself became the President but he made Hitler even Germany's chancellor, and Paul von Hondurberg died in 1934.

Hitler's head office in Germany Become a German commander also became a supreme commander and for the next eleven years, the government working on the German alone, Hitler, had to rule in the whole world to make a German family more and more children so that it Children grow older, German soldiers can start A boy starts after World Cup begins day by day There were a number of reasons, but in simple words, when Hitler attacked Poland, Britain, and France declared war against Germany, and then the Soviet Union and America also fought against Germany in this war.

The government overthrows the government in 1964 for six years until Pentecost, until April 12, 1945, it became clear that Germany has become the Second World War. The Soviet Union also says that entering Germany With whom American soldiers were present, only the advisors told him that the military was in Germany for two to two days. The German soldiers surrendered to the soldiers, the next advisors advised him to run somewhere, but Hitler preferred to commit suicide rather than escape somewhere. The reasons for the Nazi Party One principle was that these people prefer to die rather than their abusive, Hitler feared that his body would be abolished and his body would be eaten in the corner of Germany, It does not want to be a dream in front of people, despite the fear of Hitler, decided to commit suicide.

Friends 29 April 1945 The town 2:30 Hitler went to a banner under the destructive streets of the city, along with his girlfriend Eva Brown, and got married to what was going on with them, but he died from his girlfriend. A few days ago, Hitler asked her doctor the easiest way to commit suicide, her doctor advised her to take her on the site and shot herself in the head April 30, 1945 When Hitler was present in the same bunker with his wife for a day, Hitler's staff standing out suddenly heard the shoot of a shooter, but Hitler's When he went in, he found Hitler and his wife's bodies lying on the Sofa, having been signed with them, Hitler and his wife had committed suicide after 40 hours of marriage, the officer said both the bodies Pulled out of the monastery and put the bodies to fire so that the sight of the American soldier Hitler's body was not insulted on the streets of Germany, the remains of their bodies were also suppressed, which later the Soviet Union That's why Russian intelligence claimed to be found, but someone else came out of the spy that the rest of the two bodies were actually Hitler His wife had the form of shapes that he had ever been kept to protect, and the Taylor ran with his wife in America, where he had hidden his remaining life in America, with American intelligence in the beginning. The agency also believed the CIA, after which Russian intelligence has been there-there, also asking for questioning how Hitler had tried to detect himself from some of the remaining bones of Hitler. What are Hitler's remains, but his technology was not advisable and till date we could not find out exactly how to get the show. The killer was Hitler and his wife, but most of the consciousness was that Hitler and his wife committed suicide Hitler could not hide in Germany nor could he go out of Germany because Russia and Germany Germany I had spread everywhere and Hitler's blood was thirsty, he would run away from Germany, when his advisors suggested it to run away, that's why most people believe that Hitler with his wife In Bunker he committed suicide where he had married forty hours ago, in 1945, the army of three nations defeated Hitler.

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