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Hassle free way to bid your post!

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Vote bidding is a norm on steemit. I figured out there's a better way to bid your vote without having to copy and paste the link to bidbot memos all the time. And what if steembottracker is down for unknown reason that we can't predict? Don't worry! We can leverage steem blockchain comment system to inform user about bid rounds! Introducing a brand new comment bidbot that let users to bid their vote with just simple command such as :

@[botname] !vote post [biddingamount]

without the bracket [ ]

Bidder can leave this command on any posts! And it will collect all the data necessary of current post!

If user specify "post" on their command it will look for root_post in steem api, and all the information collected will be wrapped in a steemconnect link and all users have to do is just click on that link and transfer their bid amount with all the necessary info filled in.

IF user specify "reply" on their command

Other commands available for this bot

DescriptionStarts by mentioning urbotnameThe operation you want to do(Must start with exclamation mark!)Post or reply that you want to bidAmount of SBD/STEEM
Options available!delegation, !bidpost, reply5SBD, 5STEEM

*Note there is also command to show potential delegation profit obtained by user. It is calculated in terms of APR(Annual Percentage Rate) of one day before payout and also average 7 days payout. This will better inform users of what their potential earnings are before investing.

Example of bot reply :

Try it out now!

Comment @opb !vote post 1sbd on my post! And you should get back a reply!

Technology Stack

Nodejs, dsteem


  • Bid failure ticketing system
  • Charting for delegators payout

How to contribute?

-Contact me personally on discord or comment below!

  • Very few comments in the code.
  • Would have been really nice to include the link to the repo, see the suggested template.
  • Do you have link to your discord server or provide your full discord ID?
  • Any reason to have saved bits on naming the variables?

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