Added quick image and video search from Pixabay!

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What is Steem Ultimate Editor?

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Steem Ultimate Editor poised to replace markdowns with simple buttons to create a post! Creating post shouldn't be so troublesome and requires a significant amount of time on trial and error. What if I tell you, there's a tool that allows you to just click buttons in order to perform some basic and even advance customization to the style of your post? Let's have a look what Steem Ultimate Editor brought to the table this time after an improvement over the last version. Which you can check out here.


  • Allow minnows or newcomers to have a more friendly environment to create posts
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time taken to create a post
  • Beautify your post within clicks!
  • Promoting high quality posts with future features such as source checking

Feature for the day : Quick add image and video from Pixabay!

Tired of copy links from free source image and then have to use a tag or markdown just to get it appended to your post? On STEEM ULTIMATE EDITOR there's no need to do such thing! Watch demo below to witness how easy it is! Plus remember that you have to quote the source of this image? Well it's all done for you with just one click!

Highlights of this feature

1) Added automatic quotes for source of images! As citation of sources is paramount to quality of post, it is always great if we can credit the original author. Plus they provided a free usage of their image.

2) Videos searches are possible too! Video play on mouse hover is implemented too.

Technology Stack

Vuejs, HTML, Handlebars, Javascript


  • Emojis (checked)
  • New banner (checked)
  • Chat integration?
  • Find and replace(checked)
    -You name the features :)

How to contribute?

-Contact me personally on discord or comment below!


Thanks for the contribution, @tngflx! A very cool feature, especially the fact that it adds the source automatically seems really useful. I don't know if I asked this before, but do you have an idea when the editor will be available online?

One thing: the comparison link you added doesn't work (it would've worked yesterday when you posted it, but since we are a day further it doesn't). It would be better to link the relevant commits or create a PR and link that.

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Oh man.. I wish I know when I can launch it. There's still few more bugs I'm scratching my head trying to solve. But most of the functionality you've seen is working. I hope by next month or less I can launch it. Ok noted. I certainly should do that PR next time.

Thank you for your review, @amosbastian!

So far this week you've reviewed 9 contributions. Keep up the good work!

Hey there :) Sounds like an excellent project, one I really wanted to get into when I first joined the platform. I wish you the best of luck, and I'd love to hear more about this. Will look for you in the Utopian Discord room :)

Oh hi! Thanks so much for your interest! I just want to bring a real blogging experience to steem! Editing blogs just shouldn't be that hard! There are currently few bugs that I'm working on. Quite irritating. I'm going to launch it once I get a few more feature done!

I'm sure it will take some time but I can't wait to see your first release! Hate having to publish my posts on hackmd lol

I know right!! Who want to use all these markdown anyway. Look at, how easy it is to create a post. I'm stimulating that experience :P

Hey @tngflx
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Nice sharing and article what u shared here! It’s a good sharing to all of us in #teammalaysia Upvoted your post and stay close!

Thanks for your comment :) Upvoted urs too to support Malaysian team

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Heeey there this is SO MUCH useful ;D can i make a spanish translation on my blog of your original post? of course im adding all the new tools


Well you can help promote my project as much as you want :) Just mention my name and that's all i need :) I hope to launch it this week. SO you guys can start using it!

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