Memes' fan you're in luck! Introducing easy meme generator!

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What is Steem Ultimate Editor?


Steem Ultimate Editor poised to replace markdowns with simple buttons to create a post! Creating post shouldn't be so troublesome and requires a significant amount of time on trial and error. What if I tell you, there's a tool that allows you to just click buttons in order to perform some basic and even advance customization to the style of your post? Let's have a look what Steem Ultimate Editor brought to the table this time after an improvement over the last version. Which you can check out here.


  • Allow minnows or newcomers to have a more friendly environment to create posts
  • Significantly reduce the amount of time taken to create a post
  • Beautify your post within clicks!
  • Promoting high quality posts with future features such as source checking

Feature for the day : Meme generator!

To most people, memes are just silly pictures overlaid with some text, designed to evoke a visceral reaction. But on a deeper level, the meme is a vessel for transmitting the current beliefs, opinions, and thoughts of our culture.

As you can see above, the list is loaded with political terminology.

“MAGA” (a shortened version of President Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again”) ballooned from one use in January 2016 to more than 12,000 uses in January 2017 — a 1.2 million percent increase. Among other high performers were “libertarian,” “DonaldTrump,” “conservative,” “politics,” “liberal,” “republican,” and “president.”

Meme is becoming ever more popular as a tool to convery an idea or even for marketing purposes. In case of our blogs, memes is an eye catching with essence of humor. Hence, attracting visitors to begin interact with certain posts. So let us have a look how easy it is to create a meme with STEEM ULTIMATE EDITOR.

If you noticed, your meme created will be straight up available in the editor. So no hassle on reuploading the image to the editor again. Thus, making memes become seamless and easy. Not to mention, the pull right and left within clicks of button!

Technology Stack

Jquery, HTML, Handlebars, Javascript


  • Emojis (checked)
  • New banner (checked)
  • Chat integration?
  • Notifications
  • Find and replace
    -You name the features :)

How to contribute?

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