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RE: The DBooks Project is Switching to EOS

in #utopian-io3 years ago

The 7 day limit on payout is a major limitation of steem with respect to content quality. I still don't quite get EOS, but that seems to be par for the course with crypto. Those who create crypto seem to be great technically, and know how to use a lot of buzzwords, but terrible at actually explaining something to the average person. Ok, perhaps even the above average person. Then of course they make up rules that are practically impenetrable. Just what does my vote do on Steem and how will that change after HF20? I'm a human factors engineer--it is really important to be very clear and transparent about things. One of the main usability heuristics is visibility of system state: the user needs to know the state of the system, know what effect actions will have on the system and get clear and immediate feedback when they are taken.

Good luck with your project on EOS. I will try to follow it... if only I could figure out EOS.

Incidently, the EOSIO FAQ doesn't really explain what it is and includes a disclaimer to go read the code!

And yes, I've watched videos on EOS. I think "they" really need to human factors and communications experts. This kind of middleware is hard to market.


EOS is low level, but you can design a token on it with the rules you think are more appropriate for the community