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RE: Simple Gallery - Smooth & Customizable Interface

in #utopian-io2 years ago (edited)

This is an epic review. The post is detailed, well-written and highly informative. Even though I am an old fan of the Simple Gallery app, I relished reading through your review. Before I read the post, I was expecting a lengthy and informative post, and you proved that perfectly. Simple Gallery is a very nice project. I have it installed on my device, and I always enjoy its sleekness.

This post is well presented, and I like the information within. Especially about the use of the show hidden item function. Some old users may not even know how this function works. While the content of the post is unique, and editorial I believe you could do better. There were few issues with your texts. Those issues have a little negative effect on the post. You are not a new contributor, so you understand what my recommendation would be. Check your texts very well before hitting the publish button and always use Grammarly to eradicate minor issues.

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