Usage Analysis for UpvotePH Bot - WE 01-05-18

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In an effort to remain transparent and provide information for tracking the the growth of UpvotePH, regular weekly data and analysis will be shared with the community. My hope is that this information will help improve the quality of support that UpvotePH can provide the community and highlight areas where improvements can be made. This data should also allows us to track the amount of growth and awareness that the bot is receiving and in time drive an increase in the amount of return that UpvotePH can give back to the community it supports.

As usage increases this report will also eventually showcase the top users and follow how their growth on Steemit correlates with the support that UpvotePH provides.

@arcange's Steem SQL Public Database is used to acquire the data-points related to usage.

I extracted the data related to the bot usage for this analysis by running the following SQL query:

FROM DBSteem.dbo.TxVotes
WHERE Voter IN ('upvoteph','whaleph')
AND timestamp >= '12/01/2017'

The data is complete until the end of December 2017, and represents a total of 911 uses for the month of December.


Usage towards the end of the month is greater as awareness of the bots existence has grown. This growth in usage also correlates with the increase in price for SBD which indicates an increase in the number of posts that users of UpvotePH made during this time period


Average daily usage for the month of December is around 32 triggers per day with a total of 179 users in the month of December. Of these 179 unique users, the following are the Top registered content creators to use UpvotePH to help promote their content

Peak usage of UpvotePH is generally around the early afternoon hours and throughout AM hours which is equivalent to PH afternoon, which is understandable. This also accounts for the 20 min age requirement for all posts submitted to UpvotePH before it will upvote.


As usage increases and more data points become available, I am hoping we can provide more analysis on the correlation among our Upvote PH users growth (in both earnings and reputation) and the use of the bot. As we power up the bot I hope to show how payout and contribution towards the community increases as well as how support from the bot helps to grow and improve the content quality and frequency of posts from our community members.

If you have any questions, inputs, or feedback, please feel free to let us know in the comment section below. I would also appreciate your Upvote, Follow, and Resteem if you feel this analysis was interesting.

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Your contribution cannot be approved because it does not follow the Utopian Rules.

Dear @cloh76,
I am rejecting your contribution because we don't see that an analysis of the upvotePH project in its current state is suitable for utopian. Here are the reasons:

  • "Data analysis, also known as analysis of data or data analytics, is a process of inspecting, cleansing, transforming, and modeling data with the goal of discovering useful information, suggesting conclusions, and supporting decision-making." [Source]. Your contribution contains neither of those and with the data available on upvotePH we barly see this possible. Your contribution is visualization of data.
  • Your contribution is not as informative as others. There needs to be much more "work", data and especially analysis involved.
  • Your project is comparably small, both in terms of SP and user base. I understand that these stats are important for you as an operator, but we don't see big gains for the Steem and FOSS community to see weekly or monthly stats from this project on utopian.
  • (regular) reports should contain a much wider set of common data. With thousands of bots on steemit, having reports on a single bot or only a few like yours is not in the focus of utopian.

I hope you understand that utopian is not a suitable platform for the analysis or regular reports on your UpvotePH project. Feel free to contact us on discord if you have questions.

You can contact us on Discord.

am learning

Thank you!

Good day, this is vergel a member of Bobie Cayao’s group. Would like to ask help, I made a mistake instead of transferring 0.001 sbd, I transferred 2.939 through discord. Attached is the screenshot od the transaction. 1D6E1022-2392-4288-AE06-476960EC318C.pngWhat should i do to retrieve the excess sbd? Thanks

Sooo how does one get an upvote from upvoteph?

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@artgirl same question here too! if you have already know the answer, plzz tell me! i also a newbie in steemit and want to get discovered!

@artgirl @mango-juice Seems this project has shut down

Cool, thanks!

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