Utopian Is Expanding! Collaboration with BrowserStack, CrowdIn, DisasterHack and More

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Utopian.io is expanding its network of partners with three major names already on the list.


BrowserStack is a leading platform for cross browser compatibility testing of websites and web applications on real browsers. BrowserStack allows instant access to multiple desktop and mobile browsers, while supporting great Open Source initiatives.

To help the Utopian Moderators team in the review process of bugs and development contributions BrowserStack will provide the team with unlimited manual and automated testing for open source websites and mobile apps, including full platform access to Live, Automate, App Live and App Automate, for a total of 5 user licenses and parallels.

It is our hope that this will not only help moderators in their review process of bug-hunting and development contributions, but also lead to future cooperation and collaboration with BrowserStack.


The team at Utopian.io has been hard at work in establishing a direct collaboration with Crowdin.com, undoubtly the best translation platform out there.

Utopian.io is looking to provide to Crowdin.com with a way to automate rewards for translation contributions on Open Source projects, and implement solutions to improve and simplify verification process.

We are proud to collaborate with such amazing project and hope to continue to work closely on internationalization of more open souce projects.


We've also been in contact with Distaster Hack, an initiative empowering people by providing access to technology and the skills to utilize it.

Utopian.io will offer Distaster Hack support with periodical donations as per the Utopian Charity Program. In addition, we are exploring the opportunity to run a Hackathon to onboard to Utopian.io hundreds of developers looking to contribute to Open Source initiatives.

Upcoming Events: Token Fest & Steem Quebec at Shopify

On 15/16th of March Utopian.io will be presented during the Token Fest in San Francisco. We've been invited by Steemit inc. to speak about Utopian.io.

On 15th of March Utopian.io will also be presented at the Steem Quebec Meetup to be held in the Shopify offices. We would like to thank @helo for his efforts in organizing this presentation!

Are you ready to be part of the future in Open Source contribution rewards? Join us on Utopian.io

Utopian Community-Driven Witness

We are made of developers, system administrators, entrepreneurs, artists, content creators, thinkers. We embrace every nationality, mindset and belief.

Utopian.io is the first Community-Driven Witness. Every decision will be taken as per the consensus of the entire community using our public Discord server and soon via a public voting system.


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Thank you for the mention @utopian-io, I wish you a great presentation in sunny San Francisco!

I have more information for those wanting to attend the Montreal session.

@helo - Vote Witness

Thanks @helo!

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good news

@elear and the @utopian-io we are very grateful for your contribution here and congratulations on these amazing collaborations! We hope to see some of you at Steemfest 2.5 as we did at Steemfest 2!

I am resteeming this post to continuing sharing the good news about https://utopian.io/

Awesome collaborations! I'm excited to see where we as a platform and community get over the next few years! Thanks for what you do and I look forward to more in the future!

That's awesome!! Utopian is making moves.
I got 41/45 in my utopian mod application, hoping to join the team :)

Nice score! Get in touch with any of the Supervisors on Discord to join a team! https://discord.gg/h52nFrV

@elear I've been told that a supervisor will contact me if I'm needed.
I'm interested in being a moderator on Visibility.

YOu are making steemit great again!

Let me know if you guys are hiring... i would love to be involved.

Hey sure, what is your field of expertise?

Translation, content creation, digital marketing... once i applied for moderation, but you guys already hired.

Thanks for answering, @elear.
I would love to help!

Sky is the limit. The saying goes on for Utopian and Steemit. Soon to be one of the best cryptocurrency platform or will be the best platform.

As a moderator for utopian, it’s a great pleasant news to hear. Let’s keep going on.

Wow, congratulations! You guys are doing a really good job! and as a long-time supporter of utopian since the early days, I am glad to see the project gaining traction :)

Still making strides quickly. Great job guys

the Disaster Hack link just goes to a 502 ... :( what are they about ?

That's awesome!! Utopian is making moves

Wow.... Utopian-io is amazingly getting there. I have ticked utopian-io as a witness. Please I will also love to be part of the utopian-io family

Thanks a lot for that!


gret post sirr.. thanks for your sharing..

sangat bermanfaat....

great project

I really glad to hear this news. I am currently doing translation project in CrowdIn.

Tanks to your share.

Nice your post

What to do to be here in utopian community??

Hey just join us on join.utopian.io to contribute to Open Source projects and get rewarded for that!

Congratulations Utopian-io!

That is awesome news, yet ideally idealistic will likewise work in enhancing reconciliations with existing accomplices. Presently reconciliation with Crowding is very harsh, there are loads of things that can be enhanced around there. utopian just improving our steemit life

True. We are working with CrowdIn to come up with the best implementation possible!

It's great @utopian-io

Do not forget to post @fikar21

This is Amazingly Good. We will keep putting Our best to this great community.

That's great news, but hopefully utopian will also work in improving integrations with existing partners. Currently integration with CrowdIn is quite rough and "manual", there are lots of things that can be improved in that area.

Sure. That's our main priority!

Wow! This is good and great news for utopian-io and its contributors. More partnership and development like this and it'll keep getting better.


We've also been in contact with Distaster Hack, an initiative empowering people by providing access to technology and the skills to utilize it.

This drew my attention and I'll like to check it out and know more about it.

Upcoming Events: Token Fest & Steem Quebec at Shopify

On 15/16th of March Utopian.io will be presented during the Token Fest in San Francisco. We've been invited by Steemit inc. to speak about Utopian.io.

Another positive news and I'm truly glad about this.

lemme go spread the news in our communities

Great job @utopian-io this awesome. Resteem

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Of course as a team contributors, moderators, supervisors and every person who is associated with the project can bring revolutionary improvements in all the fields which have been set for contribution purpose, and as my personal view the project is gonna touch great heights in near future

Working hard to get there!

Yes I know and we have strong belief in you and your team.

Wonderful project.

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just Wow...lots of 💜 for utopian

Excellent working and with different aspects to contribute to this community, I like the idea of internationalizing this would bring more contributions and contributions of new ideas. Excellent this great work team ..

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@aymenz you should see this :D

Woww !! Fantastic job @utopian-io
You have my witness vote.
Let's do this great!!

@Utopian-io is going place
Gat to resteem this for the whole world to see

Good luck guys...

More intellectuals to do more.

Great work guys

Que bueno es saber que se quiere mejorar siempre y en comunidad, los felicito.

I am glad that there is so much optimism in this project, congratulations and keep going, that is what allows us to achieve the goals that we have set for ourselves.

This is good news

My friend @mazelin had translated Steem whitepaper to Polish using Crowdin but it was not accepted. Details are with her. It meant that two weeks of her efforts had gone wasted. I was wondering if she can redo the contribution and get the well deserved reward?

Hey how that happened? What was the reason of rejection? Contributing to open source never gets wasted :)

No, no. It's actually all good. The problem has been already ressolved :)

I've sent her the link to this post. I hope she answers with detail. :)

@utopian-io - this looks like a great effort to ensue interoperability with open source tools and many browsers and mobile devices. It is true that the future is on mobile. Right now we have eSteerm, but new mobile technology needs to be continually integrated into Steem's technology to ensure a great UX for all Steemers. Keep up the great work!

Happy to be part of the team. Collective effort at its best.

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Great collaboration. Good share @utopian-io

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Thank you so much for this lot of information @utopian-io. I mean, this helps a lot especially to young steemers like me. This makes things easier for us since you already gave us a guide of what to do. Man, I really appreciate how you put detailed information about each topic. Thanks a bunch! See you around!

Wow .... Utopian-io is amazing to get there. I have marked the utopian-io as a witness. I am also happy to be part of the family utopia-io, hopefully utopian more glorious

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Great development . pray they come through

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