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For information about the (former) Utopian project please read the latest official announcement


Consider reaching out to Coinfund, which has a decent Steem stake and is focused on crypto economics and investments.

I don't represent them or anything but they'd be one of the best partners you could ask for.

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Thanks. We'll definitely look into that

What is the main value proposition? I know how valuable Utopian is, but I'm wondering what the elevator pitch is.

There is currently no single platform for open source projects and professionals to share knowledge and incentivise collaboration out there. GitHub has 51 million users who have no place to have their voice heard - just share code. And what about other professionals like marketers and translators who want to contribute? They have no way to get involved.

Having worked with many projects and contributors for the past year, we have a very clear picture of what it is the open source ecosystem wants and needs. With our awesome team of Utopians, we are working very hard to create just that and are offering investors the oportunity to contribute to the creation of this paradise for open source.

Sounds great. So it's a charity pitch, then? The investors get to write off their investment?

If not, I'm wondering what the value proposition is.

Here there is an overview of the main revenue model and a quick overview of other potential revenue models

That looks awesome.

Exactly. This is what I would like to find out too.

We have a revenue scheme and a number of potential revenue streams, if that's what you mean. Also working on some projections for 2019-2020.

I think @inertia also means if investors will get a share of the revenue.

What are you ofering to investors? How much do they expect to make on their investment in a year and what is vehicle u will distribute those benefits to investors with?

It’s a standard tech startup company investment model: shares in the Utopian company. Revenue from commissions on bounties, tips, reviews, and related services offered to a large and fast growing user base.
Investment horizon is 3-5 years.

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Hello @prameshtyagi this is matter of the investor pitch deck, specifically for the projection it is something we would like to discuss with potential investors directly. We'll be happy to present it to those interested, just get in touch via [email protected]

thnx. I would like to see how I being Indian can invest and get shares in your company. what legalities are involved?

Investment restricted to accredited investors via private discussions. It is not a public offering.

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Sure this is something @apshamilton would be happy to discuss with you in greater details

I’m @apshamilton on Discord too.

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This is amazing news and if someone can pull this of it's the Utopian Team! Lots of great minds and hard workers there. I wish you good luck! I'll keep translating under my alt-account and am excited to see the project grow for years to come.

Thank you! We look forward the success of Utopian and our community as a whole.

We have collected almost 70K contributions for over 8k open source repositories,

That is some very impressive numbers!

And we are just getting started :)

Yea! there are many active open source projects which can be brought in. Another area is the translation projects. If the value of the Steem stays reasonable, this is an excellent model. May be something like Stable coins using Bitshares or so can be thrown into make sure that the return the developers gets is lucrative.

Very cool. You guys got me on Steem and really help me I. So many ways, good luck on your goals! And I'll be sure to continue using your amazing service.

Can't wait to see Utopian platform rock the developer. This platform is quite unique. I feel like it's a combination of Github (as a social platform) and OpenCollective (as a way to seek funding). Hope this platform will be big and last forever, supporting any kind of OSS, either from individu or organization 🤘.

This is the way... Im in to spread the word.
Cheers for this step!
And resteemed as it shoulds!

Thanks for your support @leotrap!

Great initiative that seems to be looking towards the next level which is encouraging. I look forward to more details as it could be a great project for the ecosystem.

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Don't hesitate to get in touch for any question :)

Is there a whitepaper or bluepaper that we can go through?

Hello @reverseacid we can provide a live demo of the product. Get in touch [email protected]

Hi, @utopian-io!

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Excellent news. I am a huge believer in @utopian-io and its future.

Thanks for your support @birdinc.

Oooh wow, good luck!!! It's been an awesome year and a bit so far! I can't wait to see what comes out of this!

Glad to have shared this journey with you!

This is encouraging news. Lately, it seems that everything crypto is coming up with dismal reports. It's good to be reminded that the sun is still shining behind the clouds; and, projects are forging ahead with optimistic 'blueprints'.

Best regards.


Congratulations to you guys! I'll be keeping an eye on this one.

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I am sure that the goals proposed by you will be achieved. I wish you the greatest of successes and congratulations for the great work you do every day

Once I pay off my crippling credit card debt, I'm IN! I kid about it being crippling. I'll probably pay it off in 6 months and hope that there will still be an opportunity with Utopian. I believe in this mission and vision and look forward to working together to build it.

if you want 1 million dollars i would suggest you make a less strict Utopian for Kids or something, or Utopian for beginners, where you can let people have more fun and LEARN to enjoy whatver struct protocals You have decided to use, because that turns a lot of people off... i dunno i feel like too much time gets wasted on following rules, like im in highschool and were learning AMA formatting... cant you make a front end with a FORM people can fill out instead of the struct Science Lab like rules utopian seems to use?

I feel like people should all be enjoying the magic of software but also we could be training an army of graphic designers to learn after effects or other automated video production apps, to produce lots of infograpohics that explain the blockchain, this is crucial and videos like that are ALWAYS going to be needed, just imagine all the SMts that will need videos explaining them... thats where i see steem and utopian come into the picture, Utopian can build a system that trains up and coming graphic designers to learn how to produce infographic videos explained videos and all the most popular formats people want on websites like fivver etc, expect they dont have to compete... steemians who want to make videos can always do it foir steem, as theres always something here to explain, ANYWAY, i just want to see steem have its own built in marketing groups!

Hello @ackza. The reason why there are so many strict rules as you mentioned, is simply because we needed to mitigate abuses and learn from the many use cases. Together with the release of Utopian V2, we have a full rework of the guidelines. The entire hassle of learning the guidelines is moved to the reviewers, while the community will be set free in deciding how they want to contribute value as well as re-opening up to international communities. We have been sharing this for a while now. Make sure to join our weekly conferences on Discord to learn the changes that are happening behind the scenes :)

Will the invested funds get powered up or will utopian keep them in fiat?

We are talking about funds to build the product and sustain the costs, in exchange of shares of the company. If an investor would like to additionally invest in STEEM crypto then a portion of that may be powered up, but this is not what we are looking for specifically here.

I was asking specifically about in what currency utopian will receive investments. And in what currency utopian will store the investments. Obviously 1m won't be used within a day.

From your answer, I am assuming the funds will be kept in fiat.

This is beyond our scope atm. The investors will dictate the choice of the currency they want to use for their investment. We don't have a preference of crypto over fiat or viceversa. It is liquidity meant to be used, so where it will be temporarily held won't make much of a difference.

Utopian might just take the money and run, like bitconnect?

Will you accept SP delegations?

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Good luck Dear, impressive project!

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have your every thought of using startpage? I pretty sure they have a bitcoin option(atleast using bitpay? )...

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