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Utopian for the Blockchain Competence Centre of the European commission

Utopian.io is running this task request on behalf of the Blockchain Competence Centre of the European commission for the European Financial Transparency Gateway initiative. Rewards generated on this post will be sent as Liquid STEEM to the task solver.

The scope of this task is to document the process of running the Steem blockchain. This documentation will be ultimately used to build a new web-based app for investors in European companies, with a simple to use frontend and useful search/reporting features. Future task requests will be available for the development of the web-based app. More details here: https://github.com/scr53005/eftg-steem/wiki/Introduction-to-European-Financial-Transparency-Gateway-(ETFG)

eftg steem blockchain


The goal is to provide an extensive documentation on how to build a private Steem network [mainnet flag, not testnet flag] with multiple peers (witnesses, full nodes, seed nodes, client CLI) on different virtual machines with public IPs.

The contributor should provide:

  • the architecture.
  • minimum requirements for the VMs computing power and storage.
  • firewall setup (opened ports and protocols) requirements for operating system and also for all dependencies.
  • step by step instructions (command lines) on how to start and connect different type of peers.
  • step by step instructions (command lines) on how to generate the genesis block (first block) and the first key pair.
  • specifying how to modify the number of minimum/maximum witnesses based on different network topologies.
  • specifying how to modify the blocksize (if needed for some specific projects).
  • all the config files.
  • documenting all the steps needed to install, configure and start the Steemit condenser on this specific steem private network.
  • documenting all the steps needed to install, configure and start the Steemdb blockexplorer on this specific Steem private network.
  • documenting all the steps needed to install, configure and start the steemconnect on this specific Steem private network and how to create new accounts.

The exact number of each type of peer and the number of virtual machines needed will be discussed after the first proposal of the architecture. The private Steem network will have its own chainid, tokens supply and config files.

This private Steem network will be used in corporate projects, so the proposed architecture should take into consideration the needed High Availability, Security, and Scalability features. (also the need of a VPN network)

After the documentation is ready, we will follow all the steps, using VMs in Azure, Amazon, and/or other cloud providers and we will deploy the private Steem network. Feedback will be provided to the contributor and possible additional details will be asked.

After the private Steem network will be up and running and the documentation will be reviewed, the contributor will publish a post on Steemit using the title "The user guide for newbie on how to build a private Steem blockchain for corporate projects".

In this way it could be helpful for the whole community and for everyone who wants to use the Steem technology for corporate/enterprise/private projects.


1 week (flexible)


Before starting the task, get in touch with us on : https://discord.gg/pV5hgDA for details and requirements.


Rewards generated by this task request will be sent as Liquid STEEM to the task solver once the task is completed.

Additional rewards will be generated by publishing "The user guide for newbie on how to build a private Steem blockchain for corporate projects" using the tags utopian-io and tutorials on task completed.


Hi @utopian.tasks

This looks like a great opportunity for someone/ a team, @utopian-io, and for the Steem blockchain to show what it can do!

I'm wondering if the tasks should be split, especially given the 1 week deadline?

Perhaps there are teams looking at it already but the requirements being a web app build and pretty extensive infrastructure design and documentation job, the tasks may be big/diverse enough to separate?

Fair play though, this is big news!

Hey @abh12345 this task is just about documenting the requirements for the infrastructure and how to run the blockchain. There will be more tasks as soon as this documentation is ready to go. I guess documenting the steps should be quite straightforward for a contributor to do in a week, but it is totally fine to have more contributors working on it and split the rewards! I invite anyone interested to use the discord link in the post to get in touch with the Blockchain Competence Centre in order to learn the requirements and check if other contributors will be interested to join the effort.

Ahh ok, I'm with it now! That looks more achievable then - what an opportunity for all!

Indeed! Is only the first task: to build the private blockchain network needed to start developing the project. Many other task will come.

Makes sense. Best of luck to you guys.

The virus is spreading... 🚀

Another great concept & use case for utility tokens and the Blockchain that powers them.

I presume/envisage this project/tasks creating a Snowball/Network Effect during its creation, after its completion and finally its execution!

As wise man once said-

”Blockchain is not going to solve any problems and will not change anything, WE WILL!

Wherever there is technology there is a human behind.”

steemit thật hoàn hảo, bạn đã cho tôi thêm kiến thức về steemit, chúc bạn thành công

Private steem network it is quite new one.

Is true! But we believe that all of us we need it. We believe that steem technology is very good and appropriate to be used in corporate projects, but for that we will need to provide a clear tutorial on how to use from a technical point of view (IT, networking, security). Otherwise will be very difficult to convince our IT managers or Security managares to accept this technology in a corporate IT environment.

Only the first step to have steem become as "talked about " in the corporate world as it deserves. Technical qualities recommend it

@utopian.tasks, I gave you an upvote on your post!

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THIS ARE THE INTERESTING OFFER WAY we can do something so briefly with maximum results. may success always greet us in all situations

Sir I think you have a great knowledge

Sounds like a mammoth task - good luck.

Is not! This is only the first task, on building the p2p private network based on steem. Also we are flexible for the deadline.

Private Database > Private Blockchain.

(Although I would love for someone to show me why my opinion is wrong)

Rewards are very high in this project , thank you for ur information and update bro great work

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

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good job and good luck!

This is Good Info @utopian.tasks And Good Blog Good Work On Steemit

Nice to see that the deadline is flexible 🙂
Base on the description, seems the documentation can be realy long (about 6-9 webpage). Publishing it only in one post can make it painful to read for a newbie.

Where is the bounty?

AH it's liquid Steem

Hey @crypto-econom1st as stated in the post, the upvote value generated by this post will be converted in Liquid STEEM and sent to the task solver. Additionally you will be able to publish the documentation as a separate post and get rewarded on that as well, by using the tags utopian-io and tutorials.

To bad I will never be able to win this 😥

Very usefull tutorial.


This task is very interesting. Recently I set up a private testnet with 3 nodes, and I learned a lot during this process.
I want to contribute in the documentation.

Great news from UE. Good Luke 👍

Fantastic work with this one, kudos

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