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Project details

Project name: OpenCart

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OpenCart is free open source ecommerce platform for online merchants.

Translation's reason

I am so pleased to start the translation of the OpenCart's project.

As you maybe already know, I used to have with another person an e-commerce activity. I worked with Amazon and for some time with eBay. The thing that a lot of people don't know about this websites is that is not so easy to try to sell a product with them. When you start to sell your products, for example on Amazon, it is very difficult to list a product. I know that this can be seen as a simple thing to do: you have to register your company in the website, send all the documentation that it needs, get approved and then you can start selling. To start selling you have, as I said before, to list your products and it is not that simple! You don't have only to upload some images and write a description and a title: you must have a profound knowledge of the website which is not that intuitive.
Even more difficult is to try to create your e-commerce website! For simple merchants is difficult to start from nothing and build a website, especially if they don't know where to start.
OpenCart can gives you a friendly interface to use and has a lot of features that give you the amazing opportunity to customize your store as you like. In their website (simply search on Google) there are a lot of videos helping you in every step that you have to make to give life to your dream. Everything is very intuitive and simple!
Translating the computer strings about this awesome project will be a pleasure for me, because I think that it can be very important to spread it all over the world and especially in Italy where the concept of working from home and having an e-commerce activity is still very far from being taken into consideration and even accepted!

Contribution specifications

As in the previous translated projects, my work will be to translate computer strings from the English language into the Italian one.
This is my eighth translation work for the OpenCart project. I am almost at the end of this job given to me and I did not have any difficulties in translating all the strings of the project. I looked at the next folder that has to be translated and I think it will be very interesting because there are all the terms and conditions about OpenCart.

Translation Overview

I would like to underline that this project has been translated for 50% from other Italian users so now I am translating the rest of it. For this reason, sometime can happen that the computers strings are not well related to each other.
With this eighth post I have reached the 80% of the translation of the project.
In this eighth translation work, the word warning and all the issues related to it has been repeated 39 times and it's about different situations. For example, it advise you to insert in a specific box a gift certificate code and it can notify you if the code is either valid or the balance has been used up. You can find also the word warning when you are trying to upload a file and it's size exceeds some directive and when some extensions need to be loaded for OpenCart to work.
There are also some strings regarding the entering of different type of details like the database and administration details, the database connection details, the entering of the username and the password for the administration, etc.
Below you can find some of the strings I had to translate

About the word warning...

Warning: OpenCart will not work with session.auto_start enabled!
Warning: You need to use PHP 5.4 or above for OpenCart to work!
Warning: No Shipping options are available. Please contact us for assistance!
Warning: The maximum number of points that can be applied is %s!
Warning: The uploaded file exceeds the MAX_FILE_SIZE directive that was specified in the HTML form!

Other strings

Enter your coupon here
Enter your gift certificate code here
Warning: Please enter the amount of reward points to use!
Error: Could not write to config.php please check you have set the correct permissions on:
Error: Could not connect to the database please make sure the database server, username and password is correct!


The original strings are written in English and I translated them into Italian. I have been selected by the DaVinci team as a translator thanks to my knowledge of the English language gained during my 3 years of stay in London. You can read my application post HERE

Word Count

I translated 1044 words.


This is my eighth part, the seventh one can be found HERE

Proof of authorship

My crowdin activity


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The post is well written and discussed, so the overall presentation is good.

The short sentences and single words are very accurate and most of the text translated is of a very good quality and very understandable.
The grammar, the syntax and the orthography is very good.
Keep up the great work!

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