Steem Dapps Are Misrepresenting My Steemit Reputation

in #utopian3 years ago (edited)


Hello everyone, today I checked my steemit blog using and noticed that my reputation had spiked from 52 to 61. I was surprised because I hadn't made any post recently deserving such spike so I refreshed the page and it was still the same thing. I checked my blog on my reputation was correct 52.



I also checked my reputation on steemhunt it was wrong it showed 61 also I refreshed the page and it was still 61. I checked other people's blog and compared to mine but no unusual spike or differences in their steemit reputation.


I also noticed the same thing on the partiko app

But esteem was correct


I think it is a glitch but I don't know if it happened to just me or random people.
The only action I performed this morning was transfer my steem earnings to savings.

*all images are screenshots from my phone *

That's all for now I hope it gets fixed. ✌

I would say Steemit is misrepresenting your rep if all others say otherwise

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Haha that's another way of looking at it

Guess I was wrong lol it’s back to normal now... glitch in the matrix?

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Wow, it has been rectified my steemit reputation is back to normal on all dapps

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