Summer break

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I'm not going to be on Steemit so much over the summer. It's a really busy time for me and I have a lot of organizing to do. I'm also looking for the next contract and while that is enjoyable it takes a lot of work finding something I'm qualified for and meet the eligibility. I actually prefer contracting because the breaks in between are very revitalizing. I hope I can continue that path but like I said I must always be looking.

I'm still here and will be voting when I can. This has nothing to do with crypto being down! I wish I had enough crypto to be that concerned but I do not.


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Good luck in your work search! I've gotta say, you really will be missed but I completely understand. I'm starting to think maybe I should do the same.

Do you use Discord?

Thank you for the good luck. I'm taking some online training as well and need to really concentrate on it. It's hard for me with having the kind of ADD I have (I really do, not just saying that) to focus on a task and follow through with it. But I'll get it done I think, I always have coped fine and I've "lived" this long lol

I'm still checking my friends with ginabot and giving upvotes when I can. I can't help commenting too sometimes :P

I do have discord for ginabot but I check Twitter for DMs, for some reason discord makes me feel anxious if someone chats me like I must respond right away. Feel free to add me if you want my username is the same as here just know I keep my computer on 24/7 and don't reply right away.

I completely understand, I struggle to focus on anything other than Steemit when I'm fully active. I've allowed it this long but there's more important things to focus on.

I've just setup SteemAuto for the same reason, that way I can focus on reading and commenting on the stuff I want to while still curating in my own little way.

Again, I completely understand, I'm pretty much the same. I only got discord to use ginabot, and tend to just leave it on all day even if I'm not actually at my computer. Never any pressure to respond to me!

You will be missed and happily welcomed back when you do get back into posting<3 have lots of fun and hope to see bits pop up from you now and then :)

Hope the search for a contract goes well! :)

Oh I'll be popping up my bits for sure!
.... lol
Thank you so much for your sweet words <3 I'm not completely gone I still have my favorites (like you) I check in on with my morning coffee.

Best wishes my friend. I will be waiting for you to come back. May this crypto go up a little bit :-)

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