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Hi everyone,

I’m back. I guess I’m allowed to begin my post with that since it’s been fifteen days since my last blog post. I didn’t even know the “break” was that long to be honest. I was convinced I’d only been away for a good week or something like that, but my profile doesn’t lie.

You might wonder why I’ve been away from the platform for a while. Well, one of the reasons is I’ve been on vacation to Crete the past week with my girlfriend. It had been two years since I went on a sun-vacation, and since my girlfriend loves to travel, our trip was quickly booked. We found a nice and comfortable Hotel (with great food-reviews) in Crete and hoped for five days of sunbathing and complete relaxation at the swimming pool. I must say, it didn’t disappoint. The weather was nice, the Hotel was the most luxurious one I’ve ever been to in my life (there were 2-person beds near the swimming pool!), the staff was very kind etc. It was the perfect place to unwind.

Breakfast by the sea

The past few months have been pretty hectic for me. I’m a person that needs these kind of “projects” to keep myself busy and feel somewhat useful in life. Without these projects, I feel like I’m constantly wasting time and I simply hate feeling like that. To keep myself from falling into that mental state, I try to stay busy, actively searching for new things to do and devote my time to. If I don’t do that, I just live behind my computer all day and waste my time with playing games, watching Twitch, browsing Reddit or whatever. Without active projects, I simply waste time with short term pleasure. It’s good for a while, but after some time I start feeling miserable since I’m not accomplishing anything in life.

To give you an example of some of these projects: I go bouldering twice a week (or that’s what I strive for at least), I play futsal once a week, I try to write daily (fiction), I try to post on Steemit twice a week, I try to stay informed in the world of cryptocurrencies, I love playing poker… These are all things I love investing my time in, since I feel like they’re advantageous in the long-term.

So the past months, there’s been a gigantic increase in the amount of projects I want to take on. In December I learned about cryptocurrencies, and I got immediately hooked. I started, like everyone else, with doing research on BTC and the blockchain technology. After that, I found coinmarketcap and I started researching the other coins. The range of possibilities for the future simply blew me away, and it didn’t take long before I was spending all my free time researching all these different projects/coins. It was like I found a whole new world to explore, and I loved it. After some weeks I stumbled upon Steemit, I created an account and ta-daaaaa, more free time gone. I loved the idea behind this platform, and I got inspired to write articles. Fast forward a few weeks and I find TWB, a group of writers which inspired me to not only write non-fiction, but to dive deeper in the theory behind writing fiction and put aside all my fears of sharing my own stories. A third time-consumer found it’s way into my life.

Every evening we enjoyed a live concert near the swimming pool

These three things consumed a lot of my spare time in the past months. But the most influential event in my life was the fact that I’m in a new relationship since January. It’s been more than five years since I had a girlfriend, and suddenly I’m together with the cutest, kindest girl I know. Making her happy is the biggest project in my life and so I need to find a good balance between all these “projects” to spend my time correctly. Our vacation in Crete was the perfect moment to enjoy some offline time with my girlfriend and to overthink my priorities in life once again. I love writing blogs, and I love being active on Steemit, but It’s not my number one priority at the moment. I still want to compete in the various writing-contests on this platform, as an exercise to evolve as a writer, and I will keep posting blogs about things that keep me busy. But only when I have enough time for it. I feel like that way, I can stay committed to this community in the long-term without neglecting other aspects in life.

So I guess that’s all for today. Thanks for reading and staying with me after the little break. Do you share these feelings? What are your plans regarding activity on Steemit for the long-term? Let me know it the comments!

See you next time.

  • Tuwore

So far, my long-term plan for Steemit is simply to use it as another platform for my stories. I don't want this to distract me too much from my writing.

Keeping busy and productive is definitely good, but it's also important to take time out for yourself too. Congratulations on the new girlfriend and I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday!

Great article!! I can relate completely since its pretty much the same for me.. I'm always trying to keep up with my projects and there's always small distractions that make me slow down, I need more focus!.. Maybe steemit is actually a super healthy distraction for a great writing excercise. Keep the good work and thanks for sharing your vacations.

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