Covid-19 mRNA Vaccine and the Military

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It's been a while since I have posted, a lot has happen during the past year.

Have you heard?? They have a vaccine. I am not jumping for joy.
I have learned some things about this vaccine that you need to know before you roll up your sleeve (however, that is not how you will be receiving this vax)

mRNA has never been used on humans until this recent testing. Why? Because it has failed all animal tests. This is why they bypassed the animal testing for this "Warp Speed" cure.
They had excellent results until the animal was challenged with the virus a second time and they had a 100% death rate.

mRNA will enter your cell and become part of your genome. It will be permanent. It will be passed down to your offspring. If this is not disturbing enough, you will actually become a GMO. Which means you can be patented, owned, in essence a slave. If you are a Christian, this is basically the mark of the beast.

This vaccine will be delivered with a DARPA development called hydrogel. Hydrogel is a nanoparticulate substance which is compatible to our bodies.

There are many other disturbing aspects to this entire thing, like Bill Gates patent W02020060606. He is evil you know.

For a "virus" which has not actually been isolated (per CDC) and a 99.9% recovery rate (per CDC) one must ask, is this vaccine worth it.

The vaccine will be distributed and delivered by the military. This is a horrific thought.

Let me know what you think, if you guys are interested I will present more information.
tata for now