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Before going deep into what VANTA is all about, it is very important for me to look at it from the perspective of South Korea digital age blockchain environment. The point that South Korea is one of the country leading with solid crypto projects and some of the evidence of this was 2016/2017 with projects such as ICON that create global attention, exchanges such as UPbit and Bithumb dominating a sizeable percentage of global crypto volume. Also the emergence of new South Korea base Cryptocurrency exchanges. Furthermore, statistics has shown that Korean people love Crypto and three out of ten Korean is actively involved in Crypto. Fact check reveals level of interest in Crypto reached a higher level in South Korea that it even coined a new phrase, the Kimchi Premium and lead to CoinMarketCap putting off KRW pairs from their average price calculations “due to the intense divergence in expenses from the relaxation of the world.


VANTA NETWORK is a decentralized network that transmits, procedures, and stores data continuously. This network comprises of intelligent nodes that pick, team up, and assess one another. All nodes in network participate continuously correspondence work rivalries dependent on figuring power, network transmission capacity, memory, unwavering quality, and commitment. Also, nodes that effectively demonstrate their work can participate in block making. This procedure slowly creates adaptability, unwavering quality, and network productivity.

The requirement for this network emerges from the essential reason that the measure of ongoing data exchanges among individuals and gadgets soars exponentially. Notwithstanding number of gadgets associated with the internet, measure of data delivered and devoured by people progressively increase massively. The need to exchange and process more data is quickly developing quickly.
Top quality broadcast streaming, superior quality group video calls, low latency data handling VR and AR are a couple of precedents. What's more, areas, for example, education, excitement, medical people and life emotionally supportive networks, traffic data systems, and industrial facility working systems use constant transmission and data preparing from different IoT sensors, which create a huge number of data focuses every second.
Vision & Mission
VANTA needs to create a smart network for constant networks, which enables people and organizations to rapidly create administrations that can productively transmit and process data progressively, for example, commercializing them with ease without extra infrastructure. Thus, imaginative administrations will be given and incorporated into the VANTA ecosystem, and VANTA blockchain will be a down to earth blockchain that will incredibly add to enhancing the day by day lives of people and the organization's business activities.
Continuous network innovation covers an assortment of fields. This innovation can be utilized for sending messages/sending files/voice and video calls, substantial scale constant video streaming, and transmits and forms different continuous data gathered from IoT sensors. Notwithstanding giving answers for these issues through VANTA blockchain, VANTA will give and extend dimension of enterprise media communications network answers for business and client organizations.

Utilizing blockchain and crypto financial aspects intended for continuous networks, VANTA makes a system where nodes partaking in network add to sending and handling data progressively without depending on conventional systems and networks. This system creates a minimal effort, useful blockchain network based. Anybody, paying little mind to existing platform, can participate and utilize the network utilizing API, SDK, or module to coordinate with existing applications or platforms utilized. Along these lines, Vanta can undoubtedly extend ecosystem through coordinated modules applications and platforms that require continuous network.

Token Details
Symbol: VNT
Platform: ERC-20 Ethereum
Price: 0.00088 USD
Total Supply: 56,200,000,000 VNT
Tokens for sale: 19,670,000,000 VNT (35%)
Hard Cap: 15,000,000 USD

Token sale


35% Sales Tokens
15% Business Development
15% Marketing Fee
15% R & D
05% Reserve
10% Team & Founder
05% Initial Advisors & Supporters



Q2 2018 Collection of ideas & Establishment of Vanta
Q3 2018 Vanta Architecture & Design of Consensus Algorithms
Q4 2018 Website launch, Release of Whitepaper, Private ICO
Q1 2019 Release of Technical Papers, Development of ARKAS protocol
Q2 2019 VANTA Testnet
Q3 2019 VANTA Mainnet, VNT Swap Token
Q4 2019 Launch of dApp & Expansion of Developer Community
2020 -> VANTA INFINITY Connect

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