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Any entrepreneur who is fascinated with cryptocurrencies will definitely need an exchange to trade them and increase profits. As cryptocurrencies have gained huge traction over the years and have become mainstream in this era of digitally thriving businesses, thousands of crypto users appear every day. As a result, thousands of new exchanges were created. The two main types of crypto exchanges are centralized and decentralized exchanges.

Centralized exchanges are the most widely used exchanges among investors worldwide. However, this exchange has faced ongoing challenges over the years, such as hacking threats, theft of funds, and other fraud issues. This has led to the increasing popularity of decentralized exchanges (DEX), and investors tend to gravitate more towards them than centralized exchanges because of the multiple advantages involved.

If you are looking to start a business with your own cryptocurrency exchange, a decentralized exchange is the ideal solution to ongoing trends. It is very important for you to understand all about decentralized exchange software, to make a decision.

This blog will help you with that. Let's start from the introduction of VaultSwap

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The Concept Of VaultSwap
VaultSwap is a decentralised Exchange and Yield Farming , Staking application based on Ethereum Blockchain. It provides direct cross-chain asset-to-asset swapping. VaultSwap doesn’t rely on ‘wrapped’ ERC-20 tokens or other synthetic assets to achieve cross-chain swaps. It doesn’t take 5 or more steps to swap assets. Users don’t need any special wallets or other software. All a user needs is a browser, an asset, and a wallet address for the asset they’re swapping into.

All of VaultSwaps liquidity pools are staked against VAULT tokens. Using a universal quoting and state machine mechanism, swappers are able to swap their assets — swapping BTC into ETH, for example — without even needing to have a VAULT wallet, with the swap occurring as rapidly as the origin and destination chains allow.

The Benefits Of VaultSwap
Stake VaultSwap & get an APR of 30% and it can be unlocked anytime.

Business-minded people are always looking for investment opportunies. However, the alarming fraud rates in the investment world deter many from invesng. If the fear of fraud has always prevented you from invesng, VaultSwap allays that fear by giving you a credible plaorm to invest your money and receive profit on your investment. To lend your digital currency for a profit,

** Sign up with us by creang a personal account.
** Fund the account with money.
** We will connect a needy borrower.
** To obtain a loan, the borrower will deposit some cryptocurrencies as collateral for the loan.
** The borrower will take the needed amount and repay with interest at the expiraon of the loan duraon.
** You will receive a predetermined interest plus your investment amount.

You can earn as much as 26% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) on Vault Swap for USDT, DAI, TUSD, USDC, PAX, and BUSD. These are the coins currently supported by the swapping exchange. People across the globe are always looking for opportunies to take loans without going through the hassles associated with accessing loans from financial instuons and banks. These lenders are reputable for their high collateral and interest rates, factors that discourage many potenal lenders from patronizing them.

NFT simply refers to Non-Fungible Tokens. These are disncve digital arcles with crypto collecbles, event ckets, domain names, game arcles, and a host of other arcles as members. For instance, if you tokenize your work, you give it a uniqueness that differenates it from other similar works. Such tokens are not mutually interchangeable.

Thus, on the VaultSwap network, users are offered the opportunity to create unique collecbles and either sell or keep them for personal use. NFT owners have absolute control over their collecbles and can do whatever pleases them with it. For instance, you can exercise your right to slash or hike the price of your collecble free of charge on the plaorm. The change will be reflected on your collecble by simply requesng for signature via your digital currency wallet.

4.Yield Farming
Another investment opportunity is yield farming. You stand a good chance to receive a mouthwatering 2000% APR if you provide liquidity in both uniswap and VaultSwap Protocols. It is a great way for investors to use their cryptocurrency holdings to generate rewards. Yield farming is also known as liquidity mining.

Lending and other related programs will commence immediately aer staking. The goal is to allow borrowers and lenders to benefit from these programs without waing for an eternity to take advantage of the programs to increase their financial powers.

VaultSwap Exchange

Exchange between your assets without sending anything to anyone or without any fear of loss. Introducing VaultSwap Decentralised Exchange

VaultSwap Token Features


The VaultSwap's token is known as VaultSwap. It has a maximum token amount of 200,000 VAULT with 5,000 ETH hard cap.

The token's currency is ETH. With 1 ETH, an investor can purchase 20 VAULT. The minimum purchase is 2 VAULT or 0.1 ETH. The token is available for sale between 9:00 AM on November 12 and 11:59 PM on December 12.

Don't limit our token acquision to tokens you personally purchase only. Another way to acquire more token is through referrals. When you refer a friend or family to our VAULT token sale, you are entled to 10% commission on whatever amount of Vault token purchased by the referral. You don't wait for eternity to receive your tokens because they will be sent into your wallet automacally.

The Pre-Sale, VaultSwap, markeng, Private Sale, Exchange lisngs, and Staking Plaorm are some of the groups that will receive the distributed token aer the token sale.


VaultSwap Token Information
Name: VaultSwap
Max Token: 200,000 VAULT
Hard Hat: 5000 ETH
Price: 1 ETH = 20 Vaults
Currency: ETH
Minimum Purchase: 0.1 ETH / 2 Vaults
Starting: November 20
Ends: December 20


Steps For Metamask
1.For Computer:
open the website in a web3 enabled browser with metamask plugin and click on the Buy Via Metamask/TrustWallet button. Click on Connect wallet and your wallet would be connected automatically.

2.For mobile:
download metamask or trust wallet app and open the website on the Dapp browser and click on the Buy Via Metamask/TrustWallet button. Click on Connect wallet and your wallet would be connected automatically.

Once wallet is connected, you can purchase and share your referral link to earn 10% of tokens purchased by your referrals.

VaultSwap Wallets


Wallets to Store and send Receive VaultSwap (VAULT) token



More Information About VaultSwap
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