🏹 Miles Apart

in #vectorgraphic2 years ago

Did we just skip Monday? Time flies like an arrow, 🏹 fruit flies like a banana. 🍌
You know what I mean ;)
Here is a fresh new wallpaper for You! Have an awesome week! 📆

Click the image in order to open in full size.📏 📐🔍

For the next weeks I’ll post wallpapers every Monday.
– All made by gregraubart 🍌 🐛
– All made with a huge amount of love 💖
– All free to use! 🎁

It would be a pleasure to see you around!
Have a ✨🌀✨ week!

– gregraubart


Actually I don't know what you mean, but that doesn't matter. And you know what? It's already Friday!

Yeah, it sounds confusing. But do you know this little flying insects that enjoy sweet fruits... nevertheless, time passes so quickly and it’s Friday again! Woop woop!!! Have an awesome weekend ;)

Oh but how did I miss that!!!!!!!!
Me stupid. :D
I love jokes like that and I completely missed it.
Thank goodness it's Friday.
An awesome weekend to you too. :)

Haha! Same here! It took me a while to realize what this phrase means. And to be honest, there are plenty more explanations or interpretations for this sentence. Anyway, I'm very happy about your comment and this nice conversation. Best wishes and see ya! ;)

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