Vegan ice creams in Rosario (Argentina)

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Even though Rosario is known as the ice cream's capital of the country, not every shop offers vegan options.
Together with spring comes ice cream season! So here's a list of 5+ places that offer plant-based flavors to fight the heat. Sadly they are mostly water-based fruits, let's hope in the near future they start selling more cream-based ones.
Before ordering please remember to ask them for vegan cones! (otherwise, they will just give you the ones that contain dairy ingredients)
Américo y su fábrica de Helados


Córdoba 1813, Av. Eudoro Carrasco 3875, Jujuy 2162
Flavors: limón (lemon), pera (pear), sandía (watermelon), pomelo (grapefruit), mandarina (tangerine), frutilla (strawberry), cacao 80%, mango, maracuyá (passion fruit).

  1. Bocha


Paraguay 412
Flavors: chocolate, arándanos al limón (blueberry with lemon), limón con jengibre (lemon with ginger), frutilla al agua (water-based strawberry), mango naranja.

  1. Chungo


Alto Rosario Shopping (Junín 501)
Flavors: chocolate con banana, frutilla (strawberry), frutilla con banana (strawberry with banana), limón (lemon), limón-jengibre-menta, arándano (blueberry), frambuesa (raspberry).

  1. Dulce Hechizo


Entre Ríos 253
Flavors: Bon o Bon, chocolate fondente, chocolate blanco nevado (white chocolate), crema de arándano (blueberry cream), durazno, frutilla(strawberry), limón (lemon), maracuyá (passion fruit), naranja (orange), yellow fruits. They also have limited editions.

  1. Lucciano's


Alto Rosario Shopping (Junín 501)
Flavors: Chocolate 72%, mix de frutos rojos (red berries mix), naranja (orange), limón (lemon), mandarina (tangerine), frutilla (strawberry), vasubeda (lemon, orange and basil).

  1. Salvador Maestro Heladero


Moreno 441, Alvear 41
Flavors: chocolate 80%, frutilla (strawberry), limón (lemon), sandía (watermelon), pera (pear), naranja (orange), mango, arándano (blueberry).

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